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  Guidance counselor Diana Bonilla with SEPTA scholarship recipients.

Huntington SEPTA Presents Awards to Seniors

July 18, 2022
  Huntington UFSD Special Education Chairperson Janine M. Delgado

Trustees Appoint New Special Education Chairperson

June 14, 2022
  Four SEPTA grants  are sure to inspire and motivate students and teachers (1)

Huntington SEPTA Awards Grants to Teachers

March 23, 2022

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SEPTA's Annual Fundraiser Gala

The Huntington School District’s program of special education and student support services strives to meet the needs of every student. Placement in any special education program is determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) based on a student’s academic, social, management, physical needs, and determination of a disability. The CSE recommendations must be reviewed by the Board of Education prior to any action being taken. A plan for each student is outlined in an individual education program, commonly referred to as an IEP.

Several different programs are supported by the district, including:

Consultant teacher program: Consultant teacher services allow students with disabilities to stay in full time regular education programs and receive consultation from a special education teacher. This service allows school districts to provide indirect consultation services to pupils with disabilities who are enrolled in a full-time regular education program. Indirect consultant teacher services provide consultant services to regular education teachers to help them modify the learning environment or instruction to meet the needs of students with disabilities in their classes.

Resource room program: A resource program provides specialized supplementary instruction in a small 5:1 group setting one period daily. The resource program teacher, in cooperation with classroom teachers, provides specialized instruction to support academic performance in the areas identified on the IEP. Since a resource program is supplemental to the student’s regular or special education program, such instruction is non-credit bearing.

Integrated co-teaching services: Integrated co-teaching services means the provision of specially designed instruction and academic instruction provided to a group of students with disabilities and non-disabled students. It is a means through which students with IEPs receive some or all of their specialized instruction in the context of the general education classroom. In this model, two professionals with teaching certification are co-teachers, one general education teacher and one special education teacher. Both professionals participate fully in the instructional process by providing content and facilitating student engagement and learning. This model also incorporates one period every other day of a study skills and organization class in which direct instruction on an IEP takes place.

Special class program: Instruction in the special class parallels instruction that is delivered in the general educating setting. Special class instruction provides core instruction in a setting with students with disabilities. Special classes are available for English, Social Studies, Science, and Math. The curriculum and standards are the same as are provided in the regular education classes but is adapted to meet the individual needs of the students. Special class instruction can be delivered in a 15:1:1 or 12:1+ (3:1 for Life Skills) special class size ratio as determined by the CSE based on the student’s individual needs.

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Diana Rich medium imageDiana Rich small image

Diana Rich, Director
Janine M. Delgado, 7-12, Chair
Valerie Kolinger, K-6, Chair
Nicole Vidiri Silva, CPSE - Grade 4, Chair

Diana Rich assumed the position of district director of special education and student support services in May 2017. She had earlier served as Huntington’s K-6 chairperson of special education.

Ms. Rich earned a BA degree in education at Niagara University in 1998 and a master’s degree in special education at CUNY-Queens College in 2001. She obtained state administrator’s certificate in 2005 after studying at CUNY-Hunter College.

Prior to coming to Huntington, Ms. Rich worked for AHRC (Assn. for the Help of Retarded Children) July 2000 to March 2012 as a special education program curriculum coordinator, director of early intervention and universal pre-kindergarten, director of special education pre-school and center based early intervention program and principal of a special education pre-school. Earlier in her career, she worked as a special education administrator in the New York City public schools.

Janine M. Delgado has been Huntington UFSD’s special education chairperson since July 1. She came to the district from the New York City Department of Education where she was the borough instructional lead since August 2019.

Ms. Delgado graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Boston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, while minoring in political science in 2003. She graduated from Hofstra University School of Law in May 2006 after also studying abroad in Nice, France.

Janine  Delgado medium imageJanine  Delgado small image

Janine Delgado, 7-12 Chair

In February 2011, Ms. Delgado earned a Master of Science degree in special education at City College of New York. She obtained a certificate in Educational Leadership & Administration at The College of St. Rose.

Ms. Delgado was a New York City teaching fellow prior to working as a special education teacher at the High School for Health Careers and Sciences from 2007 to 2013. She was also the coordinator of student activities for a two year period and overhauled the previous student government structure in order to increase participation across all grades. She organized elections and school dances and implemented a community service requirement for student government officers.

A school improvement specialist from September 2013 through June 2017, Ms. Delgado later worked as a transition specialist in New York City’s Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center for two years. She was then employed as a professional development trainer until moving into her most recent position as the borough instructional lead.

Admitted to the New York State Bar in November 2008, Ms. Delgado has earned a long list of awards and honors. She attended Hofstra University’s School of Law on an honors scholarship; treasurer and then co-president of the Golden Key International Honour Society; University of Massachusetts Student Leader Award; Knapp Scholarship for Political Science and Beacon Leadership Project.

Valerie Monforte medium imageValerie Monforte small image

Valerie Kolinger, K-6 Chair

Valerie Kolinger assumed the position of special education chair for grades K-6 on June 16, 2017. She obtained Bachelor of Science (childhood education) and Master of Science (literacy, B-6) degrees at St. John’s University in Queens in 2005 and 2007, respectively. She earned a Certificate in Educational Leadership at the College of Saint Rose in 2014.

Prior to coming to Huntington, Ms. Kolinger worked as a K-5 special education teacher at PS 60 in Woodhaven, Queens from September 2006 through June 2015. She served on the New York City Board of Education’s Committee on Special Education from September-December 2015 and on the Committee on Pre-School Special Education from January 2016 until her appointment in Huntington.

Nicole Silva  medium imageNicole Silva  small image

Nicole Vidiri Silva, CPSE-Grade 4 Chair

Nicole Vidiri Silva has been the district’s chairperson of special education covering from pre-school through fourth grade since July 1, 2021.

Ms. Silva obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in human development at Binghamton University in 2007. She earned a Master of Science degree in social work at Columbia University in 2009 and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in school district and school building leadership at Stony Brook University in 2021.

At the time of her appointment in Huntington UFSD, Ms. Silva had been working as dean of students and social and emotional learning in the Oyster Bay-East Norwich school district. She previously worked there as a bilingual social worker.

Ms. Silva has also worked as a bilingual social worker in Hicksville, Patchogue-Medford and at Developmental Disabilities Institute and as a social worker at Sachem. She was an early intervention/CPSE social worker at Bilingual’s Inc.

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Last Name First Position Phone Email
Rich Diana District Director
Doscas Demetra Director's Secretary
Anson Patricia HHS, Special Ed.
Arlin Becky HHS, Special Ed.
Bookman Lauren HHS, Special Ed.
Costa Kathryn HHS, Social Worker
Devito Nancy HHS, Psychologist
Fisher Tara HHS, Special Ed.
Fusco Peter HHS, Special Ed.
German Alyssa HHS, Special Ed.
Hlavaty John HHS, Special Ed.
Jessen Erica HHS, Special Ed.
Klee Patricia HHS, Speech Therepist
Kohan Linda HHS, Social Worker
McCourt Kathleen HHS, Special Ed. Coord. kmccourt
Mendez Giovanni HHS, Psychologist
Mulholland Nicole HHS, Special Ed. mulhollandn
Neugebauer Andrea HHS, Special Ed.
Noble Barbara HHS, Special Ed.
Nugent Donna HHS, Special Ed.
Renick Melody HHS, Psychologist
Rommel Jennifer HHS, Special Ed.
Delgado Janine HHS, Special Ed. Chair
Sambour Kathleen HHS, Special Ed.
Trites Kelly HHS, Special Ed.
Troffa Anthony HHS, Special Ed.
Witt Timothy HHS, Special Ed.
Woll Irene HHS, Special Ed.
Yostpille Maureen HHS, Special Ed.
Armon Navila Finley, WH Social Worker
Carey Kate Finley, Speech Therapist
Costa Kathryn Finley, Social Worker
DiBenedetto Mary Finley, Psychologist mdibenedetto
Digioia Nina Finley, Psychologist
Emmerman Carol Finley, Special Ed.
Fee Krista Finley, Special Ed.
Garger Christina Finley, Special Ed.
Hughes Amy Finley, Special Ed.
Stracuzza Annette Finley, Special Ed.
Theodorellis Christopher Finley, Special Ed.
Vettorato Jen Finley, Special Ed.
Fletcher Cynthia JA, WH Psychologist
Jerome Jaime WH, Special Ed.
Martino Christina WH, Psychologist
Smith Nicole WH,Speech Therapist
Stanford Hildi WH, Special Ed.
Williams Ashley WH, Special Ed.
Barfuss Heather FH, Special Ed.
Brachman Risa FH, Speech Therapist
Digioia Nina FH, Psychologist
Garris-Shade Julissa FH, Psychologist garris-shadej
Lucas Yafit FH, Speech Therapist
Soto Gisselle FH, Social Worker
D'Andraia Evelyn Jeff, Special Ed.
Garris-Shade Julissa Jeff, Psychologist
Garcia Renee Jeff, Special Ed.
Mallen-Ozimkowski Kathleen Jeff, Psychologist
Milewski Jenna Jeff, Speech Therapist
Soto Giselle Jeff, Social Worker
Sweeney Patricia Jeff, Special Education
Macaluso Sarah SD, Speech Therapist
Garris-Shade Julissa SD, Psychologist
Kohan Linda SD, Social Worker
Renick Melody SD, Psychologist
Stockner Shelley SD, Speech

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  • Co- President: Kerri Brandine 1-631-252-7133
  • Co-President: Kristin Peters 1-631-258-6108
  • Co-Vice President: Stacey Fiore 1-
  • Co-Vice President: Kerry Rinaldi 1-917-757-6826
  • Corresponding Secretary: Rene Babich Dumas 1-631-624-2358
  • Recording Secretary: Tonya Guandique 1-516-330-6326
  • Treasurer: Wendy Naborre 1-631-807-8948
  • Council Delegate: Denise Murtagh1-917-656-4434
  • Council Delegate: Alex Capazolli 1-

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