Talented Huntington fashion design students created these beautiful garments.
Talented Huntington fashion design students created these beautiful garments.

Fashion Design Students Create Gorgeous Garments

February 14, 2024

Eight talented Fashion Design & Illustration III students at Huntington High School recently completed creation of garments using fabric and various other materials to embellish them. Each of the teenagers gave their garment a title and wrote an artist’s statement about their finished product

Art teacher Kim Valerio leads Huntington's Fashion Design & Illustration program.

Teacher Kim Valerio complimented the students on “the beautiful garments they worked so hard to create.” The teenagers worked hard in the fashion room on the high school’s lower level, displaying patience along the way.

Alyssa Evans titled her garment “Snow on the Beach.” Inspired by Long Island’s beaches, she used a white fabric and decorated it with seashells. She added a pearl shoulder strap.

Cristel Hernandez’s layered garment named “Enchanted Forest,” was created using white fabric and a sheer green fabric overlay. She embellished her design using gold butterflies. Ms. Hernandez said she wanted to portray a calm and peaceful feeling when looking at this dress.

“Bejeweled” by Toni Reyes-Sorto was created using a deep purple satin fabric embellished with rhinestones of various shapes and sizes. Inspired by the Taylor Swift song “Bejeweled,” he likened the experience of decorating the dress with rhinestones to Swift’s lyrics about a journey of growth and resilience.

Stephen Spina’s black gown named “The Crow,” was created with velvet and satin fabrics and iridescent black feathers. He loves the look of fur and feathers and feels that black garments make everyone look elegant and beautiful.

“Holiday Hottie,” Juliana Dentico’s red matching top and skirt were inspired by her favorite holiday, Christmas. She made the top and skirt look like holiday presents, adding red, green and white pom-poms as decorations.

Celina Flores Lopez created “Color News Around the World” using fabric and newspapers to create the design of the dress. She folded colored papers to make the flowers and bows as added embellishments. Her project represents the news that colors us into being our unique selves.

Roberto Rodriguez sewed $100 bills (not real ones, of course) onto the beige textured “Moneyline” jacket he created, symbolizing how money and fashion can go together.

“Pinkalicious” by Izabella Gomez is a flowy pink satin gown embellished with satin roses. She explains that just like people, flowers remind us to embrace change, adapt and thrive.

“Students in all of my classes voted to decide which one of the eight garments would be entered into an upcoming student art show in Huntington,” Ms. Valerio said. “Cristal’s “Enchanted Forest” won the most votes. Her gown will be on exhibit at the Huntington Arts Council’s High Arts Showcas exhibit at the Main Street Gallery from March 26-April 21. All eight garments will be on exhibit at our annual district-wide art show in May.”

These garments were created by skilled fashion design program students.