Assistant Coach Kevin Graham presented the Outstanding Linebacker Award to Timothy McDonald.
Assistant Coach Kevin Graham presented the Outstanding Linebacker Award to Timothy McDonald. 

Timmy McDonald Captures Outstanding Linebacker Award

February 12, 2024

Timmy McDonald has been called a throwback player since seventh grade. He’s a Huntington High School junior now, but the teenager remains singularly focused on winning and contributing to the team in any way he can, not for personal statistics or to acquire stardom, but to give the Blue Devils whatever edge he can against an opponent.

McDonald is a wonderfully talented athlete capable of playing just about any position in any sport. He has suited up in football, basketball, wrestling and lacrosse uniforms for the Blue Devils, but he can play 10 other sports, if not more, if he wanted to go in any of those directions.

The junior came back from a serious injury and hip surgery as a sophomore to turn in a string of notable performances on the football field last fall. McDonald’s rugged play inspired his teammates. He was all over the turf on defense, making countless tackles and disrupting opposing offenses.

McDonald can and has played quarterback and running back on offense, too. He’s so versatile and so combative on the field that he’s hard to contain on either side of the ball.

At the Huntington football team’s annual awards dinner, varsity assistant coach Kevin Graham presented McDonald with the Blue Devils’ Outstanding Linebacker Award following another great season.

McDonald typically walks off the field at the end of a game in a filthy uniform, even on turf and sweating profusely. He’s so into every play and so completely engaged that he reaches a level of intensity that few others can match.

“Timmy McDonald is a warrior,” head coach Ronald E. Wilson said. “He’s, brave; he’s a fighter. He doesn’t care about size. He reminds me of the ancient Greeks who would fight to the bitter end, no matter the injuries sustained. He’s going to always ‘ball out’ and give you his absolute best effort.”