Huntington senior William Berry created these images
Huntington senior William Berry created these images 

Spotlight on Huntington Photographer William Berry

February 9, 2024

William Berry has been a mainstay in Huntington UFSD since his first day of kindergarten at Washington Primary School. He’s always been personable, hardworking and a contributor to all of his classes and he works hard and has a long list of achievements to his credit.

Huntington High School senior William Berry.

Mr. Berry has developed into an outstanding photographer, producing and editing images that are both appealing to the eye and intriguing. The teenager’s creativity has also been evident on the stage with the drama club as a member of the acting corps.

A mature and serious young man, Mr. Berry also enjoys having fun and he displays a wonderful sense of humor. He’s a loyal and valued friend to many and he earns top grades, too. In fact, his academic grade average has exceeded 100 this year.

Questions and Answers with William Berry

Q: How old are you and what grade are you in?

William Berry: “I am 17 and a senior.”

Q: How did you first get interested in photography?

William Berry: “I got interested in photography when I took the intro class in my sophomore year. I didn’t have much experience going in, but the class allowed me to explore all of the ideas I had.”

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

William Berry: “I think of most of my ideas myself. I observe my environment and determine

what props I have access to.”

Q: Is there any specific type of photography you like best?

William Berry: “While I enjoy most types of photography, I particularly enjoy street photography as I find it to be an interesting way to observe the world around you. I am currently working on a series of photos that portrays illusions. Using a variety of techniques I am able to trick my viewer and confuse them with the reality of my photos.”

Q: How has the Huntington photography program helped you with your love of photography?

William Berry: “The Huntington photography program has introduced me to many new aspects of photography. This program has created an environment in which I am surrounded by other photographers who can give feedback on your work.”

Q: Do you plan to continue with photography or go to school for it?

William Berry: “While I am not going to school for photography, I would like to continue with it on the side.”

Q: Please tell me about your other accomplishments.

William Berry: “I have been featured in the art show as well as the film festival, for which I won an award. I was also featured in an art gallery outside of school.”

Q: What clubs/activities/sports are you involved in?

William Berry: “I have been involved with the drama club since freshman year and have been the treasurer for two years. I have been involved with the marching band for two years. I am also the treasurer of Tri-M.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

William Berry: “In five years I see myself out of college and starting a career in audio engineering, which I am majoring in.”