Huntington junior Daniella Flores-Ramirez.
Huntington junior Daniella Flores-Ramirez.

Daniella Flores-Ramirez Pursues Love of Animals

February 17, 2023

Daniella Flores-Ramirez loves animals. She loves them so much the Huntington High School junior hopes to make a career out of caring for them. The teenager is a sweet young woman with many admirers among her classmates and teachers.

“My junior year has been a little rocky, but from the help of my teachers, I have pushed through it and done my best,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said. “My Global History teacher, Mr. [Anthony] Troffa has had a positive impact on me during this entire school year. He has taught me to always do my best even if it might seem challenging. Another thing Mr. Troffa has taught me is to never be afraid to have your own opinion and to stand your ground. He has always found a way to brighten my day when I’m having a rough day.”

The teenager also gave a shout-out to her English teacher, Becky Arlin. “I admire her; she has made an impact on me,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said. “She has taught me to not be afraid to be the person you are. She has also taught me to always be very respectful of others and to do what makes you happy.”

Ms. Flores-Ramirez has always had a passion for animals. “After high school, I hope to keep pursuing what I love, which is caring for animals,” she said. “I would like to pursue a four year college degree to prepare me for a career as a veterinary technician.”

The junior is studying veterinary medical assisting at Wilson Tech “to get a feel as to how my future may go after graduating from high school and going on to college,” she said. “I haven’t yet decided where I would like to study after high school, but I’m certain I’d like to pursue a degree focused on the well-being of animals.”

Music has brought many hours of delight to Ms. Flores-Ramirez’s life. She especially enjoys finding new music to listen to. She also enjoys playing video games with her friends, including Fortnite, Call of Duty and others.

“As far as clubs and sports go, I haven’t really put myself out there to join, but I am very open to new opportunities and thinking about involving myself int sports as well as clubs for this school year,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said.

The teenager enjoys spending “quality time” with Florence, her dog. “I take her to the park to run around,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said. “I also enjoy meeting new people and getting to know everybody’s different personalities and cultures. I have always been an outgoing person and always down to do fun things. I enjoy the comfort of people, but I also enjoy having my own space.”

The junior said she is “big” on traveling. “I enjoy exploring new places and seeing new things along the way,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said. “Among the places that I’ve visited is Los Angeles, California. While I was there I got to go to Universal Studios with my grandma and hopped on the rides. I also got to go to a zoo and see animals in their habitat as well learning more about exotic animals that you wouldn’t see in a regular basis.”

Ms. Flores-Ramirez has also traveled to Maryland and was able to visit various lakes. She enjoyed the street vendors there and in Washington, DC where she was also able to tour the White House.

“Last, but not least, I visited Camelback Resort in Monroe County, Pennsylvania and while I was there I got to swim a lot and enjoy the humidity of the indoor waterpark,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said.

The teenager is working hard in her classes. “During this school year I have come to the conclusion that my favorite courses have been US History with my Mr. Troffa,” Ms. Flores-Ramirez said. “It has been a pleasure to learn and understand the hardships that many people went through to get a better life and succeed, not just for them, but for their entire family. I have also found interesting how the United States was founded and how life was for people during those early years.”

The junior has also especially enjoyed Forensic Science with teachers Melissa Sorrentino and Cara Bernal. She learned about handwriting analysis, fingerprints and various other aspects of crime scenes.

“My experience at the Huntington High School has been enjoyable,” Mr. Flores-Ramirez said. “The past few years have gone by very fast, but I’m glad I got to experience this because I got to meet new people and got closer to people I wouldn’t have thought I would be friends with. I am also very thankful for the teachers I have had the past few years. They have made it fun and interesting to learn.”

In 10 years, Ms. Flores-Ramirez said she hopes to be a certified veterinary technician. She ultimately plans to open her own veterinary clinic. “I also hope to be financially stable and have a family of my own to care for,” she said. “In the next 10 years I would also enjoy building my own home from the bottom up and moving out of Huntington Station and start living my dreams in Los Angeles, California.