Huntington junior Kimberly Panameno is a wonderful young woman
Huntington junior Kimberly Panameno is a wonderful young woman 

Kimberly Panameno Plans for Career as Spanish Teacher

March 7, 2023

Kimberly Panameno has an upbeat and engaging personality. The kind that draws people in and wins them over. The Huntington High School junior is a wonderful young woman, full of vim and vigor. She is planning for a career as a Spanish teacher and one can imagine students flockig to her classes.

“Throughout my years at Huntington High School, I’ve met wonderful teachers that have guided me through the right path,” Ms. Panameno said. “Mrs. [Eileen] Gonzalez has allowed me to discover who I truly am and what I’m capable of becoming. She has opened her hands to me, allowing me to help her mentor classes and students. Ms. [Clara] Galeas is always there for me. She hears what I have to say and after she has listened to me, she gives me her advice. She’s always pushing me to do things I’m scared of doing.”

The junior is still unsure of where she will attend college, but she’s interested in Villanova University, Columbia University and St. Joseph’s College. She plans to study for a career as a Spanish teacher while also pursuing an academic minor in business.

A member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and Math Honor Society, Ms. Panameno serves on the Principal’s Advisory Council.

Co-president of the New World Club, Ms. Panameno has fully embraced the organization’s mission. “We are planning lots of events this year that celebrate the diversity that we have,” she said.

A member of United Amigos, Ms. Panameno’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Spanish Language, Advanced Photography, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology and Criminal Justice.

“I truly enjoy Psychology,” Ms. Panameno said. “I’ve had Ms. Des (social studies teacher Lauren Desiderio) for three years straight and she is incredible. She’s a funny person; always motivating. It’s a small class and we all talk amongst each other and make the class really enjoyable. I also enjoy AP US History with Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan. He’s always providing us with new ideas to put into projects, such as National History Day.”

Ms. Panemeno is a very energetic person. “I’m always doing something with my life,” she said. “I don’t like wasting seconds of my life because I love organization. Organization is a way to set my goals. Every day of my life I wake up with a plan set in my mind. I use my agenda to write everything I need to accomplish that day.”

The teenager is a sociable people person. “I truly enjoy helping others,” Ms. Panameno said. “It’s a passion I have to help others. It simply makes me happy.  I always put my best effort in anything. It’s the best feeling knowing I was capable of doing it.”

Ms. Panameno is doing well academically and in every other way. “My experience at Huntington High School has been incredible,” she said. “I’ve met many amazing people like Cristel Hernandez. The high school has made us really close. High school has allowed me to improve my time management.”

The junior went to El Salvador with her brothers at Christmas. “We went to schools organizing events for the kids,” Ms. Panameno said. “Providing these kids with food, laughter and a little present that some families aren’t capable of providing them with. It was amazing to see the smiles these kids had on their faces as they saw everything.”

Last summer, Ms. Panameno began working part-time at Habberstad BMW/Mini as a receptionist, “allowing me to experience the world out there,” she said. Next summer she plans on returning to El Salvador to volunteer and also going to Colombia.

“In 10 years, I see myself in a classroom full of students, teaching them, helping my family out and I really hope to be helping many other people with need,” Ms. Panameno said.