Huntington High School senior Brad Nisipeanu 

Senior Brad Nisipeanu is a Renaissance Man

january 20, 2023

Brad Nisipeanu is Huntington High School’s renaissance man. The senior has “wide interests and is an expert in several areas,” fitting the dictionary definition of the term perfectly.

The teenager is one of the top students academically in Huntington’s Class of 2023. His weight average in the first quarter exceeded 105. He excels at everything.

“Mr. [Peter] Crugnale and Mrs. [Natalia] Kopshti have made a difference in my high school path because they helped me find two new passions: history and Italian, respectively,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “After learning to search for the more complex connections, my interest in social studies, especially world history, soared. As for Italian, learning more grammar and consistently hearing the language has pushed me to use it outside of class and to try to aim for fluency.”

The senior plans to attend college in either the United States or Europe with possible majors being bioengineering, biomedicine, biomedical engineering, pre-medicine and linguistics.

“To become better, I make use of most of the extra time I have on either practicing languages or exercising,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “I have a love for cultures, which pushes me to learn spoken languages and to understand the world better. As a lover of music, I have a worldwide playlist, with singers like Miki Matsubara, Joe Dasin, Gims, Cheb Khaled, Zaz, and Soha.”

Mr. Nisipeanu, who has a wonderful sense of humor, said he is also known around Huntington “as the masked man with shades.” He said he’s a “hardworking and eccentric person.”

The teenager intends to devote time as a senior to the chamber orchestra, National Honor Society, Italian Honor Society and an internship with social studies teacher Peter Crugnale in a fifth period Advanced Placement World History class.”

“During the 2022/23 year, I am taking AP Calculus BC with the attentive and music-loving Mrs. [Monica] Racz; Literary Fantasy/Science Fiction Literature with the compassionate and hilarious Mrs. [Victoria] Geier; AP Government & Politics with Economics with the invested Mrs. [Kaitlyn] Hanft; career internship with the captain of the AP bus, Mr. [Peter] Crugnale; AP Physics with the warm-hearted and dedicated Mrs. [Stacey] Byrnes; PE with the spirited and relaxed Ms. [Shea] Scully; AP Italian with the understanding and helpful Mrs. [Natalia] Kopshti; and Symphony Orchestra Honors with the passionate Mr. [James] DiMeglio.”

Huntington faculty members enjoy having Mr. Nisipeanu in their class, appreciating his work ethic and contribution to discussions.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been great so far,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “I have been able to learn skills in classes that will be useful for my majors and in ones that I see as other passions. Additionally, I made friendships that I hope will last past graduation.”

The senior’s interests really span the globe and he’s done a good amount of traveling, which has broadened his horizons and sparked new interests.

“I have travelled across Europe and Canada,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “Last summer, I learned more Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, got my teaching certificate and I started working with foreign students to improve their English by using Mandarin and other languages for instruction when needed. Next summer, I am planning on visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, Japan in order to see the cultural uniqueness and to speak Japanese with natives.”

Mr. Nisipeanu continues to march toward June graduation with confidence about the present and future.

“In 10 years, I hope to be either finishing my residency for medicine or be enjoying a career in a related field,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “I also hope to fulfill the promise that I made to myself of becoming a hyperpolyglot (someone who speaks 10 languages or more).”