LinkedIn Learning's Danielle Francis met with Huntington's Virtual Enterprise classes
LinkedIn Learning's Danielle Francis met with Huntington's Virtual Enterprise classes 

LinkedIn Executive Meets with Virtual Enterprise Classes

February 3, 2023

Meeting with experts in the field and learning from them is always a valuable experience for dozens of students enrolled in Huntington High School’s Virtual Enterprise course.

LinkedIn Learning’s Danielle Francis, principal customer success manager global accounts, spent time with the teenage business students and teacher Paige Tyree Furman.

Ms. Francis made a presentation she calls “Rock Your Profile.” It detailed “how to tell your professional story to the world.” She explained how to create a LinkedIn profile that “reflects your authentic self” and explained that doing so “is the foundation of online professional networking and interactions.”

“Ms. Francis gave an incredibly engaging and relevant presentation to the Virtual Enterprise classes,” Mrs. Furman said. “She discussed her role at LinkedIn and introduced students to the LinkedIn Learning educational platform. “

Ms. Francis stressed the notion that LinkedIn is not a social media website, but rather a professional network. “She suggested that students create profiles to highlight their impact; not just what they did, but what their impact was on that particular event, school or community,” Mrs. Furman said.

“I think LinkedIn is a very cool and interesting website that allows you to connect with so many different people and give you amazing opportunities,” junior Riley Murtagh said. “Ms. Francis gave great tips on how to make your profile stand out and the importance of networking.”

Next week, students in Virtual Enterprise will be creating their own LinkedIn profiles. “They will then connect with colleagues and industry leaders and begin building and engaging their professional network,” Mrs. Furman said.