Huntington School Board members have approved a new Visual Journaling course
Huntington School Board members have approved a new Visual Journaling course 

Visual Journaling Class Coming to Huntington High School

April 18, 2023

A new Visual Journaling class will be coming to Huntington High School in September 2024 now that Huntington School Board members have given their approval to a proposal to establish the course. Huntington UFSD’s Subject Matter Council and Educational Development Committee gave their approval in March.

The course will be offered to students in grades 10-12 with an annual registration to total 18-25. The half-credit course will either meet daily for one semester or every other day for the entire school year.

“Visual journaling is a reflective process that involves exploring concepts, ideas and thoughts visually to understand and create personal meaning,” states the course description. “Through visual journaling, students of all levels of artistic ability and experience will gain greater skill and knowledge in using a variety of materials, media, and techniques with an emphasis on experimentation and personal expression. Students will learn bookbinding techniques and create a variety of journals that will be filled with their own artwork.”

Huntington School Board members have approved a new Visual Journaling course

No staffing changes or new materials are required to get the new course off the ground.

“Visual journaling offers multiple benefits for a variety of learners,” according to the course rationale presented to trustees before they voted. “It engages multiple senses. Visual journaling infuses writing and art-making, which can help students better retain and process information. Through visual journaling, students can explore their creative side, which can help them approach problem-solving from different angles and generate new ideas. The process encourages students to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, which can promote self-awareness and help students develop a better understanding of themselves. Engaging in visual journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety levels by providing a therapeutic outlet for students to express themselves.”

District officials believe the new course “can also help students develop stronger communication skills by encouraging them to express themselves visually and through written language.”

“Overall, visual journaling is a powerful tool that can support students' academic, emotional, and personal growth.” States the course rationale.