Huntington senior Jennifer Escobar plans to study accounting at LIU Post (2)

Senior Jennifer Escobar Chooses LIU Post

Huntington senior Jennifer Escobar plans to study accounting at LIU Post

May 26, 2022

Jennifer Escobar is really good with numbers. Well, truth be told, the Huntington High School senior is really good at everything she does. The teenager plans to study accounting at LIU Post and pursue a career as a CPA.

Ms. Escobar is a delightful young woman and clearly one of the best in Huntington’s Class of 2022. “I am intending to study at LIU Post for several reasons,” she said. “To begin with, as stated on the LIU website: ‘Founded in 1974, the School of Professional Accountancy holds the proud distinction of being the first autonomous school of professional accountancy in the nation.’ As I am majoring in accounting, this will be beneficial for me since I will have the opportunity to prepare for the CPA exam and start off my career as an accountant.”

But Ms. Escobar’s reasons for attending LIU Post have a more practical side, too. “I also chose this school because of its proximity to home,” she said. “I will be able to commute to school all while working my part time job as a cashier. Lastly, the campus is breathtaking and full of greenery, which I look forward to experiencing.”

Ms. Escobar has earned top grades and was recently honored as a Distinguished Senior after scoring a 90 average or better during every semester of high school.

“Huntington High School has helped me develop an array of skills that will definitely prepare me for college life,” Ms. Escobar said. “For example, I had the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses throughout my high school career, which challenged me to think outside of the box. Some of my favorite classes have been my business courses because they helped me decide on what I wanted to major in. The support I received from my teachers and guidance counselors has motivated me to push to better myself academically. I can say I am fully equipped to tackle whatever obstacles life throws at me as long as I stay positive and focus on my goals.”

Ms. Escobar plans to start classes at LIU Post, focus on her studies and adapt to college life before committing to any other activities. “Later on, I will figure out what I will get involved in,” she said.

A member of three separate academic honor societies, Ms. Escobar has enjoyed a positive high school experience. “Huntington is not your typical community,” she said. “It is full of wonderful people who will help you along the way. Plus, the diversity within this community helps us see things through different perspectives, allowing us to learn from each other.”

The senior said the keys to her success are her “diligence, positive mindset and, most importantly, the support of my mom.”

A member of Huntington High School’s High Honor Roll for four years, Ms. Escobar is a National Hispanic Scholar. She has especially enjoyed classes that have challenged her.

“I am grateful for having had the opportunity to study at Huntington,” Ms. Escobar said. “Although there have been many ups and downs, these experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.”