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 Southdown Primary School on Browns Road in Huntington opened in September 1954.

Southdown Stars Make Principal & Teachers Proud

June 3, 2021
 Southdown's Stars of the Month notched an impressive achievement that has left everyone proud of their efforts.

Southdown’s Stars are a Glittering Group of Youngsters

May 6, 2021
 A cereal collection drive was combined with a really fun event at Southdown Primary School.

Donating to Southdown’s Food Drive is Fun

April 28, 2021
 Southdown School's Star Student Award recipients are an incredible group of boys and girls.

Southdown School’s March Stars Shine Brightly

April 6, 2021
 Southdown's physical education teachers coordinated a virtual family fitness night

Southdown School Hosts Virtual Family Fitness Night

March 8, 2021
 Southdown’s Glittering Star Students Honored

Southdown’s Glittering Star Students Honored

March 5, 2021
 Southdown presented Star Student Awards during this week's Splash Assembly

Southdown’s Star Students Shine Brightly

february 5, 2021
 Southdown will have a  virtual Culinary demonstration  one night per month.

Southdown’s Cultural Cooking Initiative Heating Up

January 25, 2021
 Southdown School's Star Students Award recipients are all working very hard.

Southdown’s Stars Shining Brighter Than Ever

December 7, 2020
 Southdown Primary School honored October's top students

Southdown School Recognizes Splash Award Recipients

November 9, 2020
 Southdown presented its Stars of the Month Award to dozens of excited students

Southdown Celebrates at Virtual Splash Award Assembly

October 5, 2020
 Southdown Primary School Principal Scott Oshrin. (Darin Reed photo.)

Excitement at Southdown School as New Year Begins

September 8, 2020

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Southdown Primary students
Southdown Primary School

Southdown Primary School is a place where children flourish in an academic environment of respect, encouragement and high expectations. The faculty and staff is extraordinary; comprised of early childhood specialists who value and encourage children to explore, create and make meaning from the world around them. Learning is child-centered and tailored to the unique needs of all students.

Southdown is proud of the many enhancements to its curricular program over the past several years. Every student has access to a Chromebook that is integrated throughout the school day as a means to enhance student engagement and further learning in the 21st century. A renovated library and “makerspace” provides all students with the opportunity build a foundation for exploration and creativity in ways that are truly remarkable.

Southdown’s faculty and staff members recognize the importance of providing children with the essential academic, social and emotional skills to help them succeed throughout their time in Huntington and beyond.

A wonderful PTA that plans interesting and enjoyable family events also supports the school. Some of those events include block parties, movie nights, bingo nights, family fitness events, talent shows and so much more.

Happy and energetic students fill Southdown’s classrooms. The school has been serving the community since 1954 and will continue to do so far into the future.

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Southdown Principal portrait
Scott Oshrin

Scott Oshrin has been principal of Southdown Primary School since July 1, 2014. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology at Ithaca College in December 2004 and a Master of Science in elementary education at Dowling College in August 2006. He obtained state certification as an administrator through Stony Brook University in August 2012.

Prior to coming to Huntington, Mr. Oshrin served as assistant principal of Birch Elementary School in the Merrick School District for three years. He spent five years as a classroom teacher and as a math and reading academic intervention services teacher at James H. Vernon Elementary School in the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District.

Mr. Oshrin was the principal of the 2012 summer special education program at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Oyster Bay-East Norwich. He also served as the varsity tennis coach, JV boys’ basketball coach and seventh grade girls’ softball coach during his time in the district.

Early in his career, Mr. Oshrin worked as a second and sixth grade leave replacement teacher in Hauppauge at Pines Elementary School and Hauppauge Middle School.

Mr. Oshrin is vice president of the Suffolk County Elementary Principals Association and vice president of the District School Principals Association, the professional organization of Huntington’s administrative corps. He has served on numerous district personnel selection committees as well as an assortment of other building and district level committees. He is an active member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Mr. Oshrin has participated in the Columbia University Teacher’s College Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, Model Schools Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and the Long Island Consortium for Excellence and Equity alongside various building and district level leaders. He regularly seeks out and attends professional development classes to continue learning.

Well known as an advocate for all students, Mr. Oshrin works hard to ensure that all children are provided with equal opportunities to maximize their potential socially, emotionally and academically. He is proud to be Southdown’s principal and believes the school has outstanding teachers and support staff, who he feels fortunate to lead and learn alongside each day. 

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Attendance/ Absence

Attendance is essential for successful learning. However, students should not come to school if they are sick. The school nurse will provide care to a student who becomes sick in school. The nurse’s function is not to diagnose children who come to school sick. So, please use good judgment when sending your child to school. Additionally, please remember to keep your emergency card updated so that you can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

If your child is going to be absent, please call 673-2142 in the morning to leave a message regarding the absence. Students must bring an absence note to school on the day that they return. Absences will be recorded as either legal or illegal.

Health Services

Southdown’s Health Services are dedicated to promoting a healthy environment for all members of the school community. The health office is staffed by a registered nurse. The nurse conducts vision, hearing and health screenings. Each child has a cumulative record which lists all relevant medical history. The nurse is responsible for first aid when a child is injured or becomes ill at school. First aid is immediate treatment only. Any further care is the responsibility of the parent. If you have any questions or concerns, Nurse Diana Marlow can be reached in the Health Office at 673-2142.


Southdown’s cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. Meal tickets can be purchased in cash or through a check (made out to Huntington Food and Nutrition) or by credit card. Please clearly mark payments with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and your telephone number. To purchase a meal card by credit card, please call 673-2107. Some students do qualify for free or reduced lunch. This is based on family income.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The school doors open at 9:15 a.m. Children should not arrive at school before this time, as there is no adult supervision. When dropping students off, please pull into the parking lot along the side of the building where students will be escorted by school personnel.

School starts at 9:20 a.m. It is essential that children come to school on time and stay in school the entire day, in order to learn all that is expected. If your child does arrive late, parents are required to come inside to sign them in at the front desk.

Walkers are dismissed at 3:30 p.m. Please be prompt when picking your child up. Walkers will be dismissed from the third grade door. Please remember to sign your child out at dismissal time. It helps to relieve congestion, both inside and outside of the building, if you quickly pick up your child and leave.

If a student who usually takes the bus needs to be picked up, please send in a note in the morning. This helps teachers get students ready to be dismissed and will ease dismissal procedures. Calling during the day should be a last resort. If a note from a parent or guardian is not received, the child will be put on his/her regular bus.

School Closings/ Delays

Inclement weather may affect the opening of schools. Under severe weather conditions, it may be necessary to close schools. At other times, rather than close schools for the entire day, the superintendent may decide to have a delayed opening. The operation of the delayed opening plan entails the following:

  • Each school will open one or two hours later than the regular opening time.
  • Buses will pick up students one or two hours later than their regular time.
  • Dismissal times will not be affected by delayed openings.

Whether schools are closed or openings are delayed due to inclement weather, the announcements will be made over News 12 TV channel, a Connect Ed message, the district’s website and Facebook page and radio stations WBLI/FM 106.1 and WALK/FM 97.5.


The faculty of Southdown is firmly committed to assigning homework that enhances and extends the school learning experience. Homework:

  • Helps develop good study skills;
  • Reinforces skills learned during the school day;
  • Provides an extended learning experience beyond the classroom;
  • Helps to establish contact between the home and school;
  • Fosters a sense of responsibility for students.

Students’ Homework Responsibilities

  • To know their homework assignments and in the older grades to write down their homework;
  • Reinforces skills learned during the school day;
  • To ask questions if they do not understand assignments;
  • To bring home necessary materials;
  • To take pride in their work.

Parents’/ Guardians’ Responsibilities

  • To encourage their child to do their best and work independently;
  • To contact the teacher if their child is experiencing unnecessary difficulty with assignments;
  • To provide support.

Visitors and Parking

Please use the parking lot if you are visiting the school. Parking is never permitted in front of the school or in bus lanes. Parking in the circle can present a safety concern and blocks the fire lanes in the case of an emergency.

All visitors should report to the front desk to sign-in. Visitors are required to wear a visitor’s pass. Parents are a vital part of their child’s education and parents are encouraged to participate in school activities. When parents are visiting a class, they should prearrange it with their teacher. Showing up unannounced to a classroom is not allowed. Please remember to drop off all items for teachers and students at the front desk. Additionally, parents should arrange appointments to speak with teachers, as teachers are not always available for unscheduled conferences.

Class Trips

During the course of the year, classes may go on field trips, which are an integral part of the instructional program. Most trips usually require a fee. If you are unable to cover the cost of a trip, please call your child’s teacher or someone at the school you feel comfortable speaking with to discuss the issue.

Written permission is needed for students to go on trips. Verbal permission cannot be accepted. Parents/Guardians must sign and return the permission slip sent home. Students who do not bring in a permission slip will not be permitted to attend the trip. These students will remain in the school to do academic work.

Consequences, Procedures, and Referrals

Consequences are most effective when they deal directly with the problem at the time and place it occurs in a way that is fair, impartial, and uniform. School personnel who interact with students are expected to implement consequences only when necessary.

As a general rule, consequences will be progressive. For example:

  • Verbal warning
  • Loss of privilege
  • Time in office
  • Conference with principal
  • Parent contact
  • Individualized instruction
  • In-school suspension
  • Out of school suspension

The following factors will determine effective consequences:

  • Student’s age.
  • Nature of the situation and circumstances leading to the incident.
  • Student’s prior record.
  • Information from parents, teachers, and/or others, as appropriate.
  • Other extenuating circumstances.

Severe transgressions will be handled at the discretion of the principal.

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  • President: Sheena K. Fallon 1-646-522-2497
  • Co-Vice President: Devon Perotti 1-631-786-5049
  • Co-Vice President: Kathryn O’Dwyer 1-631-786-7994
  • Corresponding Secretary: Katie Golden 1-631-806-9118
  • Recording Secretary: Mary Reilly Halder 1-631-896-1372
  • Treasurer: Anina Monte Savatta 1-917-509-6740
  • Council Delegate: Jenny Monge 1-917-405-0298
  • Council Delegate: Desiree Marquez 1-631-258-4413

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Last Name First Position Email
Oshrin Scott Principal
Avilas Wanda Cafe
Bergmann Marissa PE
Collura Heather Reading
Cournane Carlene Teacher
DePetris Christine Teacher
Calderaro Tom Head Custodian
Doyno Kimberley Nurse
Duffy Theresa Teacher
Duryea Jacqueline music
Estevez Lindsey ENL
Fitzpatrick Lindsay Secretary
Flaherty Heather Teacher
Garris-Shade Julissa Psychologist
Gonzalez Wanda Secretary
Hartough Dana Teacher
Hernandez Karen Secretary
Hoffman Christine Teacher
Karivalis Doreen Reading dkarivalis
Kenny Meghan Teacher
Kohan Linda Social Worker
Kolinger Valerie Spec. Ed. Coord.
Leinwand Amy Teacher
Lopez Danielle Speech
Macaluso Sarah Speech
Malinauskas Christine PT
Malloy Linda OT
Medina Rose Teacher
Moakley Christine Librarian
Murray Valerie Teacher vmurray
Ortega Dimaris Teacher dortega
Plesent Jacqueline Art
Reinesch Denise Teacher
Renick Melody Psychologist
Romano John Physical Education
Rubio Ivonne Teacher
Schwarting Pamela Teacher
Scudieri Alyssa Math
Simko Colleen Teacher csimko
Velez Mary Teacher
Ventura Yanira Dual Language yventura
Wesnofske Lauren Teacher
Winzer Stephanie Teacher

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March Splash Award Winners

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Southdown Primary School

125 Browns Road, Huntington, NY 11743

Established: 1954

Grades: K-3

Mascot: Dolphins

Principal: Scott Oshrin

1-631-673-2080 Main Office

1-631-673-2142 Attendance

1-631-673-2142 Nurse

1-631-425-6258 FAX

School Hours: 9:20 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.