Huntington High School's annual film festival is set for tonight at 7 p.m. at Cinema Arts Centre

Huntington’s 13th Annual Film Festival Tonight at CAC

Huntington High School's annual film festival is set for tonight at 7 p.m. at Cinema Arts Centre

May 23, 2022

With 22 short films set to be screened, Huntington High School’s 13th Annual Film Festival at the Cinema Arts Centre on Park Avenue at 7 p.m. tonight is expected to be something very special.

Admission is free. No tickets are required. The general public is welcome to attend as are entire families. The festival’s films will run for a total of about 60 minutes.

The Cinema Arts Centre will host Huntington High School's 13th annual film festival

“We are so excited to be back at the Cinema Arts Centre, presenting the 13th Annual Huntington High School Film Festival,” said art teacher Heather Swan, who leads Huntington’s video arts program. “We have an incredible compilation of 22 videos this year, which is a testament to the resilience and dedication of our talented students at Huntington High School.”

This is one of the highlights of the year for the young filmmakers. “I’m excited to be a part of the film festival,” Katerina Damiano said. “It’s a great opportunity for everyone to display their work.”

Several of the filmmakers intend to pursue college studies and careers in related fields. Huntington graduates have gone on to many of the best film schools in the country.

“I am so grateful for my time here in the film program and am so excited to be involved in this year’s film festival,” Ally Kustera said. “I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned in the last four years and bring it with me to college at the University of Southern California. I highly recommend taking video if you love to express yourself creatively. It is beyond worth it.”

The filmmakers will be available to discuss their work. Cinema Arts Centre refreshment stands will be open before, during and after the film screenings.

“Over the past three years, I have grown a lot creatively with the help of the video program,” Jack O’Brien said. “I even created my own business editing videos. I am looking forward to watching all of the video students’ films on the big screen at the Cinema Arts Centre.”

Mrs. Swan has forged a fruitful relationship with Cinema Arts Centre leadership, which has been generous in hosting the annual high school film festival.

“The video program at Huntington has so much to offer,” Eliza Walther said. “Starting Video I in sophomore year led to learning so much from Mrs. Swan. This program made me realize that I want to be a part of the sports media field in the future. Being a part of the film festival lets me show off all that I have learned in the past three years.”

The festival’s lineup includes:

• “Mortified” – Director inspired by Katerina Damiano
• “The Effects of Intoxicated Driving” – PSA by Charlotte Simon
• “Lucky” – 8mm/film noir by Eliza Walther
• “First Kiss” – 3,2,1 by Ally Kustera
• “How to Make Your Own Hologram” – YouTube tutorial by Danielle Mendikyan
• “The End of The Psycho” – 8mm/film noir by Jack O’Brien
• “Taki’s” – Commercial by Alejandro Orjuela, Talia Koas and Anthony Retamal Vidal
• “3 of a Kind” – Multi-person by Finn O’Brien
• “DAE” – Director inspired by Ally Kustera
• “The Bike Shop” – Documentary by Lucas DeDora
• “Unsolved Mysteries” – Reality TV show by Charlotte Simon
• “Impactful Women” – Narrative by Eliza Walther
• “Ashes to Ashes” – 3,2,1 by Katerina Damiano
• “All American” – Mocumentary by Jack O’Brien
• “One Day” – 8mm/film noir by Ally Kustera
• “Hall Monitor” – Reality TV show by William Berry
• “How to make a Homemade Christmas Ornament” – YouTube tutorial by Anthony Retamal
• “Crepes and Bakes” – Documentary by Danielle Mendikyan
• “The Umbrella Killer” – 8mm/film noir by Katerina Damiano
• “Smart Water” – Commercial by Lucas DeDora, Danielle Mendikyan, Sofia Rodriquez, David Goldstein and Jose Reyes-Benitez
• “She’s Not There” – Narrative by Ally Kustera
• “On-A-Roll” – Narrative by Katerina Damiano

The Cinema Arts Centre is located at 423 Park Avenue in Huntington. Contact Mrs. Swan at for more information.