Huntington senior Finley Dunn with her artwork.

Senior Finley Dunn Notches Artistic Achievement

Huntington senior Finley Dunn with her artwork.

May 13, 2022

Finley Dunn has achieved something that most artists only dream about. The talented Huntington High School senior has sold two pieces of her work. The teenager is an exceptional young photographer and her work is increasingly getting noticed.

Ms. Dunn sold two copies of her photo print on display at the Huntington Arts Council’s High Arts Showcase at the Main Street Gallery. The buyers receive an 8x12 inch printed image mounted in a 16x20 inch cut matte. The Huntington teenager received $50 for each print.

 Huntington High School senior Finley Dunn
Huntington High School senior Finley Dunn

The senior has been working closely with high school photography teacher Pamela Piffard for many years. “I’m so proud of Finley and all she has accomplished with her art,” Mrs. Piffard said. “I know she will find success in all she does.”

The teenager said that “building relationships with classmates and being there to lift each other up” have been the keys to her success. She has especially enjoyed special events at the high school, including homecoming and spirit weeks.

Ms. Dunn plans to attend Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. “At FIT, I’m going to be majoring in advertising and marketing communications so I can follow a journalism path at the school,” she said. “I also plan on taking art history and continuing my Spanish and photography studies, but in general I’m just excited to explore the more unique classes FIT has to offer.”

Ms. Dunn has an engaging and pleasant personality and her creativity has allowed her to excel as a photographer. She has plenty of friends and is well-liked by teachers.

“I have always had a love for art, but specifically found an interest in photography in my sophomore year with Mrs. Piffard,” Ms. Dunn said. “Her film class helped me recognize photography not only as a way to capture a moment, but as a form of expression. Since then I have been consistently building my portfolio and constantly taking pictures.”

The Huntington community and Huntington UFSD have served the teenager very well through the years.

“Overall I wouldn’t have wanted grown up anywhere else,” Ms. Dunn said. “I think that the community we have here is unmatched and I feel so grateful to be a part of it. I believe the friendships and connections I’ve made here will last a lifetime. I don’t think I could have found them anywhere else.”

With one month remaining as a high school senior, Ms. Dunn has increasingly turned her attention to the next chapter in her life and what lies ahead.

“In the future, I hope to write for major fashion publications and travel as much as possible, but more than anything I hope that my work will be positively impactful on the fashion industry and its audience,” Ms. Dunn said.