Senior Ella Naima created this incredible wire sculpture that is now on exhibit in Huntington village.

Ella Naima’s Metal Wire Sculpture Chosen for Exhibit

Senior Ella Naima created this incredible wire sculpture that is now on exhibit in Huntington village.

March 15, 2022

Ella Naima is among seven Huntington High School artists who will have pieces on display at the Huntington Art Council’s High Arts Showcase exhibit at the Main Street Gallery in the village.

Ms. Naima’s metal wire sculpture is titled “The Force of Peace.” Priced at $75, the piece measures 14 inches high by 12 inches wide. The senior is studying with Huntington art teacher Ayallah Jeddah.

 Huntington High School senior Ella Naima.
Huntington High School senior Ella Naima.

This year’s High Arts Showcase XVIII will run from March 18 through April 9. “The High Arts Showcase exhibition is an opportunity for young artists in Journey program partner schools to present their artwork in a gallery setting,” according to the Huntington Arts Council. “These students learn firsthand what is involved throughout a gallery exhibition; from submitting entries and writing an artist statement to titling, framing and pricing their artwork.”

Ms. Naima is one of the most creative members of Huntington’s Class of 2022. She is highly regarded and earns top grades. The teenager captured a spot on the high school’s High Honor Roll.

“I find it difficult to answer the question, ‘what inspires you as an artist’ because one answer could not possibly describe the way I look at the beauty of art in this world. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me: people, emotions, experiences, nature, and everything else beyond the imagination.

Ms. Naima works hard at her craft and the results are impressive. She is a member of a very select group of student artists that had their work chosen for exhibit at High Arts Showcase XVIII.

“The literal translation of Bonsai is ‘tree in pot,’ but the Bonsai tree has a symbolic meaning that shows more than what you can see on the surface,” wrote Ms. Naima in an artist’s statement that accompanies her work. “It represents an order of thought; a sense of balance in nature, allowing for peace and harmony to flourish. I wanted to show how there is strength and power in peace and that it can be a foundation for growth. To demonstrate this, I used metal and wire, as metal is a durable and strong material. I wanted the viewer to understand a strong feeling of balance and see the many layers needed to create this kind of balance. To show that, I built up each part of the tree using various wires twisted together in such a way that the viewer can’t see where the bonsai tree branches begin or end.”

The Main Street Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment at other times. Call in advance for visitation on Saturday and Sunday.