Principal Traci Roethel with the Finley On a Roll honorees.

Finley Students Are On a Roll

Principal Traci Roethel with the Finley On a Roll honorees.

March 4, 2022

Capturing a spot on the honor roll or high honor roll is reason enough to celebrate, but so is making progress toward stronger academic performance. So while J. Taylor Finley Middle School has the traditional lists with the names of high performing students, it now has a new one that is just as noteworthy.

Finley’s new “On a Roll” program recognizes students who improved their overall grade point average by five points or more during a marking period along with those seventh and eighth graders who raised their grade point averages in certain classes by five points or more.

The first group of honorees had their second marking period performance measured against that of the first.

Students who improved their grade point average by five points or more in a certain class received recognition from their teacher along with a personalized certificate, while those that improved their overall grade point average by five points or more received a letter home and a special reward. 

The program is continuing during the third marking period. Students will to be recognized for raising their grade point averages from one quarter to the next. 

Finley Principal Traci Roethel commented that along with giving credit to those students who display high academic achievement in the form of high grade point averages, she also wants to recognize students who work hard, but don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. She feels strongly about the “On a Roll” program and is excited about the potential impact it will have on students. 

Teachers have provided lots of positive feedback about the program, with one stating, “It has already started to have a positive impact on student motivation and effort” and another commenting that, “The program comes at the right time considering the high amount of students who are still struggling with the social and emotional impacts of the pandemic.” 

The new initiative is starting to hit a high note.

English teacher, Lauren Biscardi, stated, “This program is just what we need to ensure that students realize the potential they have in each of their classes and continue to take pride in their work and accomplishments,” said Lauren Biscardi, a Finley English teacher. “The smiles on the faces of students who received the recognition and personalized certificates in my classes was enough to convince me how important this type of program really is.” 

Finley Principal Traci Roethel plans to make the new program a staple at the school for years to come in order to encourage students to do their best and to strive for progress, rather than perfection.

The second marking On a Roll honorees for overall improvement in their grade averages include:

Seventh grade: Yarel Lopez Cruz, Nevaeh Maxwell, Joshua Roman, Yanelin Gomez Martinez, Maycol Sanchez Jimenez, Dylan Diaz Moreno, Luiz Cardona
Eighth grade: Atiana Joly, Rudis Villatoro Benitez, Josue Velasquez Ramirez, Brandon Canas, Mason Gomez, Hernan Jimenez Contreras, Mia Johnson, Shelby Gillenwater, Derek Weinstein, Jonathan Morales Salguero, Joanna Villalta Vilorio, Nathali Yanes Reyes

“Congratulations to all of the students who are ‘On A Roll’ at Finley,” Mrs. Roethel said.