The view from high above Blue Devil Stadium. (Darin Reed photo.)

Trustees Approve Varsity Club Charter

The view from high above Blue Devil Stadium. (Darin Reed photo.)

June 7, 2022

The Huntington School Board has voted to approve the charter for the Huntington High School Varsity Club, which will consist of student-athlete leaders across a variety of sports programs.

The purpose of the Huntington High School Varsity Club is:
• To stimulate general interest in all athletics;
• To promote greater participation in sports;
• To foster enthusiastic team and school spirit;
• To promote the highest qualities of fellowship, sportsmanship and honor;
• To maintain pleasant athletic relationships with other educational institutions;  
• To enable its members to participate in social, athletic and financial activities within the club, school and community;
• To engage in leadership training and practices.

The organization will be comprised of an executive board consisting of varsity level athletes nominated by Blue Devil coaching staff members. All varsity team captains are automatically club members. The district director of health, physical education and athletics and the department coordinator of physical education and athletics serve as the organization’s faculty advisors.

Executive board members oversee all fundraising activities and the allocation of those funds for team initiatives. Attendance and participation at school activities is encouraged. Activities to foster and improve sportsmanship and school spirit are provided by the club.

The organization is governed by Huntington UFSD Board of Education policies. Regular meetings shall be held on designated days established by the advisor(s) and club officers. Depending on the availability of a quorum of officers, some Varsity Club business might be conducted via electronic communication. Special meetings will be called as needed for the purpose of transacting business matters that must be addressed in a timely manner.

The organization shall have four executive officers, which will have the following roles and responsibilities:
President: Help organize and preside over all meetings and activities.
Vice President: Assist the president and preside over meetings in the absence of the president.
Secretary: Maintain records of all meetings and attendance.
Treasurer: Maintain records of all financial transactions of the club and be actively engaged in financial transactions and activities.

Criteria for holding executive office in the club includes:
a. Executive officers must be full-time enrolled students who are members of one or more interscholastic athletic teams.
b. The executive board will be reorganized each June to fill openings with nominations solicited from varsity coaches.
c. In the case of a resignation, the faculty advisors will solicit the names of possible replacements and present them to the existing executive board for approval.
d. Officers may serve in one or more years of high school.

The tentative executive board for 2022/23 features President Gianna Forte, Vice President Kaci McDonald, Secretary Thomas Girimonti and Treasurer Haileigh Smith.

Administrative assistants will be named on an as-needed basis. While they are not members of the executive board, they will participate in and support all activities of the organization.

A meeting of all team captains will be held at least once per sport season to hear their concerns and solicit their ideas to improve the Blue Devil athletic program. Varsity Club executive board members will preside over meetings of the captains.