Fulton scholarship recipient Kaleef Riley with the Fulton family. (Darin Reed photo.)

Kaleef Riley Claims Fulton Scholarship Award

Fulton scholarship recipient Kaleef Riley with the Fulton family. (Darin Reed photo.)

July 22 , 2022

John Fulton, Sr. was widely regarded in the community as a great man and really good guy. Patient, empathetic and generous beyond any expectation, he was loved by his family and friends. He grew up in Huntington, stayed here to raise his family and ran a remarkably successful business out of a building in the village.

A member of Huntington High School’s Class of 1973, Mr. Fulton was proud of his long and never faltering association with his alma mater. He sent his own children through the school and was often seen among the crowd at events across the district. When he lost his battle with multiple myeloma on August 27, 2009 at 55 years old, it was an awful blow to his family and friends.

Mr. Fulton owned and operated the Huntington Pennysaver Group. As a successful businessman, he was well-positioned to help others in need and he never hesitated to do just that whenever he could, usually staying under the radar and preferring that no one even knew what he had done. He helped for all the right reasons and cared nothing about receiving credit or a pat on the back. If someone needed him, he was there. Period

The John F. Fulton Foundation was created by the Fulton family to perpetuate the memory and values of a very special man who believed that young people and the schools they attend play an integral role in every community.

John Fulton, Jr. and his family were hand on at the 54th annual Blue Devil senior athletic awards ceremony in the Huntington High School auditorium, where he discussed the life and guiding philosophy of his dad before announcing the 2022 award recipient.

This year’s $250 Fulton scholarship was presented to Kaleef Riley, who overcame enormous obstacles to play a key role on the Blue Devil football and wrestling teams and earn the affection and respect of his teammates, coaches and even opponents.

Mr. Riley has been recruited by Wagner College to play on its NCAA Division I football team. “I chose Wagner College because it has an NCAA Division I football program,” he said. “Going to Wagner will give me the opportunity to play a level of football that I dreamed of and will prepare me for practically my whole life. Being accepted by Wagner and making the Seahawks football team feels like a dream come true. My future plans have NFL written all over them.”

Mr. Riley would have quickly won over Mr. Fulton if they two had known each other. He’s one of the best competitors anywhere and a great sport, too, and that would have mattered to the successful businessman.

More than anything, Mr. Fulton believed in his heart of the value and importance of a good education. He always stressed that an education remained with a person for their entire life. He admired and respected Blue Devil athletes and rarely missed a game when his three children were playing for Huntington. Where the game was held, at what time or even what the weather happened to be on any given game day mattered little. He was there.

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