Southdown Primary School honored January's Splash Award recipients

Southdown’s Stars Bask in Glow of Splash Awards

Southdown Primary School honored January's Splash Award recipients

January 27, 2022

Southdown Primary School’s Stars of the Month for January were presented with Splash Awards after turning in standout performances in classrooms and all around the building.

Southdown Principal Jill Amott-Erwig said the youngsters were recognized for their overall effort and performance in and out of the .

The Splash Awards take their name from the school’s mascot; a dolphin, which is well known for splashing water on anyone nearby.

January’s Splash Award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: John “Trace” Fulton, III; Kindergarten: Daniela Chavez Reyes, Santiago Guillen-Flores, Penny Rooney, Fiona Costanzo; First Grade: Angel Velasquez, Onya-Michelle Johnson, Elliany Reyes Lazo; Second Grade: Taylor McAleavey, Jennifer Contreras Zavala, Heidy Gonzalez Robles, Nathan Holbreich, Anastasia Calderon; Third Grade: Valentina Careccia-Johnson, Alexia Reyes Avila, Carlos Quintanilla Garay, Elle Ubriaco

As the 2021/22 school year nears the halfway mark, Southdown’s students are optimistic. They are a happy bunch who have been navigating their way through the COVID-19 pandemic as best they can and keeping a positive frame of mind as they do it. There have been many changes in their lives, but the youngsters are filled with hope for a return to normalcy in coming months.

Southdown teachers and support staff members are enjoying working with a great group of young people this year. The students have been learning and improving by leaps and bounds. They love their school and classmates and attendance is running high each day. Proof positive that the boys and girls are happy.