Huntington UFSD is prepping for College Awareness Day on February 11 (1)

Huntington Plans for College Awareness Day

Huntington UFSD is prepping for College Awareness Day on February 11

January 26, 2022

Huntington UFSD is planning to celebrate College Awareness Day on Friday, February 11. Director of Guidance Jeannette Alomia is once again taking the lead with the initiative and is working with principals in all eight school buildings.

The date of February 11 wasn’t chosen by accident. “It’s also the last day of National School Counseling Week,” Ms. Alomia said. “The objective of College Awareness Day is to promote early college awareness to students and families and initiate conversations about post-secondary planning in school and at home.”

Principals have been asked to encourage their faculty and staff members to wear their college gear, speak to students about their college experiences and consider taking students on a virtual college field trip via Nearpod at this link:

College Awareness Day in Huntington UFSD serves to both inform and spur discussions among teachers and students about post high school studies and career possibilities.

“Students are motivated by discussions led by our teachers and counselors about the challenges and rewards of attending college,” Ms. Alomia said. “Students are encouraged to set goals, do their best in school and never give up on their dreams.” 

Huntington teachers and counselors really do believe that it is never too early to start thinking about the future, even if you are in elementary school. While college is probably one of the last things on the mind of a young student, beginning to build a foundation of knowledge and taking stock of a person’s own interests is a worthwhile pursuit at any age the faculty members claim.

“It would be wonderful if everyone proudly posts the attached College Awareness Day flyer outside their classroom or office to show students which college you graduated from,” Ms. Alomia told her colleagues across the district.

The event will be showcased on the district website, with anecdotes, photos and the stories of teachers and students.