The Huntington Highsteppers are training for the season. (Darin Reed photo)

Huntington Highsteppers Rehearsing for Season

The Huntington Highsteppers are training for the season. (Darin Reed photo)

August 24 , 2022

The Huntington Highsteppers have been immersed in training and preparations for the 2022/23 season. The squad is the high school’s hip competitive dance team and performs at school and community events and exhibitions throughout the year before entering in various contest culminating at the national championships in Florida in late winter.

The team is coached by Samantha Allen and Kristiana Salerno. The Highsteppers have a long tradition of excellence and have won local, regional and state honors. The group frequently performs at halftime of varsity football and basketball games. They train and rehearse several times during each week.

This year’s squad features seniors Brooke Evans, Maria Sabatino (captain), Sophia Thompson (captain); juniors Adriana Abbatiello, Camilla D’Anna, Lea Devoe, Ariana James, Ava Tizzio (captain); sophomores Rosie Arner, Alyssa Evans; freshman Kymora Dorvilus, Kyra Larsen; eighth graders Chloe Donovan and Jordyn Gross.

“Highstepping is going really well this year,” Ms. Sabatino said. “All of the girls are working together and putting in so much effort. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!”

The team will perform for the entire student body, faculty and staff at the high school’s fall pep rally on Friday, October 21. The team will also march in the Homecoming Day parade (Saturday, October 22) and participate in several other high school events.

“In the past few weeks of practicing, each and every member shows significant strength and improvement,” Ms. Tizzio said. “We began to learn the dances we will compete with and so far every dance shows great potential and we all have a really good feeling about this season.”

The Highsteppers have big plans for both the present and the future. The program is also looking to grow with a club at J. Taylor Finley Middle School.

The squad has high hopes for the new year. “My teammates and I have been practicing since the beginning of August and we have already made significant amounts of progress with skill growth, competition dances and our yearly football game dance,” Ms. Thompson said. “I am so excited for this upcoming season and I have very high hopes for our team. I can’t wait to show all of our hard work off at our national competition in February!”