Huntington High School art teacher Kristin Singer.

Art Teacher Kristin Singer Nears Faculty Milestone

Huntington High School art teacher Kristin Singer.

April 11, 2022

The past two decades have flown by for Huntington High School art teacher Kristin Singer, who has been a faculty member since September 2003. She is just as energetic today as she ever was and just as committed to her students.

Mrs. Singer obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from College of Architecture, Art & Planning at Cornell University in 2001. She studied at Cornell’s campus in Rome, Italy for a semester. The longtime art teacher earned a Master of Science degree in art education at Hofstra University in 2003.

Mrs. Singer has interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Nassau County Museum Art. She has also taught life drawing, painting and sculpture at the Huntington School of Fine Arts.  

While Mrs. Singer has taught a variety of art courses, her focus has been on the drawing and painting program that cumulates with the Advanced Placement Studio Art: Drawing course. The teacher’s drawing and painting students routinely exhibit their art throughout the school year at various galleries and museums and they have won numerous awards.

Mrs. Singer has received the Heckscher Museum of Art’s Outstanding Teacher Award at the Long Island’s Best Young Artists exhibition three times.  

The classroom veteran also taught Fashion Design & Illustration for three years, resulting in one of the highlights of her career. Mrs. Singer’s fashion class, along with the class of her retired faculty colleague, Amy Worth, was invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to attend the donation of her inaugural gown to the Smithsonian Museum after the Huntington students sent a class project inspired by Mrs. Obama to the White House.