The United Amigos club welcomes newcomers to Huntington High School

United Amigos Welcomes All Newcomers

The United Amigos club welcomes newcomers to Huntington High School 

September 21, 2021

Huntington High School’s United Amigos club is dogged in its determination to pursue its goals through to a successful conclusion. It helps to feel welcome those students in the English as a new language program and any student new to the country.

Teacher Rosario Lorenzana serves as the faculty advisor of the club, which has carved out a unique place in the life of the high school.

Seven years ago, Ms. Lorenzana began bringing students together after school who needed tutoring and English language support. Word spread to other students and it became known that the teacher’s classroom was a place not only for science and language review, but additional avenues of support, including understanding American culture and navigating a large suburban high school.

What evolved was a small community that became a second home for many students. Soon the group began to grow. Realizing the needs of the students reached beyond academics and language, Ms. Lorenzana organized United Amigos.

The club’s initial purpose was to help immigrant students coming to Huntington UFSD from Central and South American countries adapt to a new atmosphere and feel at home as part of the Huntington family. It’s mission has since spread to those coming to the US from countries across the globe.

United Amigos typically meets once a week for general academic and language support and to plan and execute various community service initiatives. For example, club members gather winter coats and food for local pantries several times a year. They participate in the Safe Halloween program for elementary school children at the high school and play a role in dances on Valentine’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. The also get involved in numerous special initiatives.

United Amigos seeks to:
1. Help people in the Huntington UFSD community
2. Assist ENL students, or any student new to the US to feel welcome
3. Provide scholarships to graduating club members
4. Assist club members in finding ways to cope with adversity
5. Encourage club members to find solutions and strive for their best in life
6. Create an environment that provides for a fair and fun experience for all club members

The club regularly meets on Thursday afternoons immediately following the final bell. Club members elect six student officers to lead the organization.

Send a message to Ms. Lorenzana at to get involved.