Huntington High School junior Neha Rathore

Junior Neha Rathore Looks Forward to Challenges

Huntington High School junior Neha Rathore

September 21, 2021

Neha Rathore plans to use her junior year at Huntington High School to further explore her interests and ultimately to narrow her focus for college and beyond. The teenager is registered for courses that most people would describe as “tough” as she likes it that way.

“This summer I was mostly working as a lifeguard, spending time with friends and family and preparing for my junior year of high school with SAT prep,” Ms. Rathore said.

The teenager said she expects her junior year to be academically challenging. “I also plan to continue with varsity soccer and taekwondo. I am in the Key Club and Habitat for Humanity and I look forward to engaging with my community there.”

The recording secretary of Huntington’s Class of 2023, Ms. Rathore said that she’s “sure we will have a busy year ahead.” The teenager and her classmates are already working on homecoming related projects.

“I’m looking forward to most of my classes,” Ms. Rathore said. “They are challenging courses from what I have heard, but I believe there is a lot to learn from each of them.”

The Huntington girls’ soccer team is off to a good start with several wins and a few very close losses to a pair of Suffolk’s best teams. Ms. Rathore is right in the middle of all the action and Blue Devil coaches John Walsh and Vincent Tannazzo as well as her teammates are relying on her talents and experience to help lift the squad to the playoffs.

The junior hasn’t really begun to think about college, including where she might want to go or what she will study there. She is taking it slow, secure in the belief that everything will eventually fall into place at the right time.

“I haven’t narrowed down my major for college just yet,” Ms. Rathore said. “Quite a few areas interest me at this point and I plan to use my junior year to narrow my focus.”