Huntington junior Grace Agrillo has committed to play lacrosse at Binghamton University

Junior Grace Agrillo Commits to Binghamton Lacrosse

Huntington junior Grace Agrillo has committed to play lacrosse at Binghamton University

October 21 , 2021

Huntington junior Grace Agrillo has committed to play for Binghamton University’s NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse team. The Blue Devil great is excited to be headed to the upstate New York school, but she is also looking forward to her final two years in a high school uniform.

“I chose Binghamton University because it is a great school,” Ms. Agrillo said. “I went to a clinic to play lacrosse over the summer and my mom and I drove around the campus afterwards. I didn’t realize how big it actually is. I have always wanted to attend a larger university and Binghamton is definitely that.”

The teenager has been reflecting on what she wants in a college and where she wants to go with her life, both in the short term and long term.

“Recently, I was offered the opportunity to go visit the school and meet with the head coach, Stephanie Allen,” Ms. Agrillo said. “Coach Allen gave me a full tour and also introduced me to some of the current players. The team and the school were awesome. I felt comfortable right from the start.”

The junior is far from certain of either her academic major or career path. “I have always been interested in teaching, but I am also interested in forensic science as well. I plan on taking a good mixture of classes my first year to get a handle on what I am interested in.”

Ms. Agrillo has played lacrosse since she was a little girl. “My dad coached my sisters and I in PAL,” she said. “My sisters went on to play on the college level lacrosse so it’s always been a dream of mine as well. I also like the fact that Binghamton is close enough to home so that my mom and dad can come visit and watch me play, but that it’s also far enough away to allow me to have a fun college experience.”

The teenager plans to have a life outside of college classes and lacrosse. “I will definitely be looking to be as active and involved as I can be while at school,” Ms. Agrillo said. “Being a full time student and playing lacrosse will keep me busy, but I would love to get involved in some clubs and possibly play club field hockey as well.”

Ms. Agrillo said she had an “amazing time” with her friends last summer. “We swam and just hung out together,” she said. “I took my boaters test as well. We visit Delaware often and we jet ski and boat there so I wanted to be able to drive myself on the jet skis.”

The junior gets along with everyone around Huntington High School. Relationships are important to her and she always tries to be there for her friends when they need her.

“There have been so many amazing teachers that I have had in this district, starting with my fifth grade teacher at Woodhull School, Christopher Hender,” Ms. Agrillo said. “Mr. Hender just understood me and the way I learn from the start. He always encouraged me and helped me with anything. To this day I can text him or call him with any problem or situation and I know he will be there for me.” 

Ms. Agrillo is thrilled to be in this particular place at this specific time and with the people that surround her on a daily basis.

“Huntington has been a great hometown and school for me,” the teenager said. “The friends I have here ranges from the ones that go all the way back to pre-school, to the ones I am still meeting today. I can’t imagine living anywhere else and I am sure I will come back here to start my life when I’m finished with college. There is pretty much anything you could possibly want within miles of where we live.”

With college still a relatively long way off, Ms. Agrillo has many happy days remaining in Huntington. “I still have two years left of high school and I plan on enjoying every second of them,” she said. “We are hopefully going to make the playoffs for field hockey this week so that's pretty exciting right now. I love being part of this school and this town. The next two years are going to be great.”