Huntington UFSD's art department is one of the district's crown jewles.

Art Road Show to Visit Finley on Friday

Huntington UFSD's art department is one of the district's crown jewles.

October 20 , 2021

J. Taylor Finley Middle School eighth graders probably have a long list of questions concerning the academic program and choices awaiting them as Huntington High School freshmen. Many of those questions will be answered on Friday when the high school’s art road show visits the Greenlawn Road school.

“Eighth graders will have the opportunity to learn about the art department’s electives at Huntington High School,” said Eric Reynolds, district director of fine and performing arts. “Each year, the art teachers travel to Finley to present examples of student work from the high school and speak with students about the courses offered and their interests.”

An informative digital map has been prepared for students and their parents to help guide them through the department’s course offerings. Click on the link and a page opens with offerings list by art discipline. Click on the specific discipline and more detailed information appears. The link can be accessed here:

“Huntington High School has such a great variety of art classes to offer, especially for incoming freshmen,” said Jazlyn Chapas-Oliva, co-president of the Art Honor Society. “From creating your own original films to traditional painting and drawing, there’s an art class for every interest. Not only does Huntington High School offer quality art classes, but the teachers here are so helpful and insightful to your artistic growth and goals. I really hope that every incoming freshman takes advantage of the art program here, especially if they’re considering pursuing a career in the arts!”

Students who choose not to enroll in a music class can fulfill one of their high school graduation requirements by taking Media Arts, Creative Crafts or Studio Art.

Those students who are taking a music class or one of the three required art classes can also enroll in of the following art classes:

Fashion Design
Year 1: Fashion Design 1
Year 2: Fashion Design 2
Year 3: Fashion Design 3
Year 4: Fashion Portfolio Development

Drawing & Painting
Year 1: Drawing & Painting
Year 2: Advanced Drawing and Painting
Year 3: Portfolio Development or AP Drawing
Year 4: AP Drawing or Portfolio Development

Ceramics & Sculpture
Year 1: Ceramics & Sculpture 1
Year 2: Ceramics & Sculpture 2
Year 3: Ceramics & Sculpture 3
Year 4: Ceramics & Sculpture Portfolio Development

Computer Graphics
Year 1: Computer Graphics
Year 2: Advanced Computer Graphics
Year 3: Digital Arts Portfolio or AP 2D Digital Arts
Year 4: Digital Arts Portfolio or AP 2D Digital Arts

Year 1: Introduction to Photography
Year 2: Advanced Photo
Year 3: AP 2D Photography
Year 4: Photography Portfolio

Creative Video
Year 1: Creative Video 1
Year 2: Creative Video 2
Year 3: Advanced Video Production 3
(3 St. John’s University credits available)
Year 4: Video Portfolio
Year ¾: Video Internship

Video Broadcasting
Year 1: Creative Video 1 must be taken as a prerequisite to take the course.
Year 2: Video Broadcasting