Huntington junior Laura Curtin has traveled across the world

H-ton Junior Laura Curtin Keeps Her Options Open

Huntington junior Laura Curtin has traveled across the world

October 7, 2021

Laura Curtin loves to travel, but right now, the Huntington High School junior is enjoying her classes, her friends and her teammates on the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team.

A personable, articulate and altogether friendly young woman who has compiled a great academic record, Ms. Curtin is well liked all around the high school building. Her engaging personality and positive demeanor makes her a popular teenager.

“Over the summer I spent a lot of my time with my friends and family, hanging out together and going to the beach,” Ms. Curtin said. “I also went to Madrid and San Sebastián in Spain during the summer, which was a lot of fun. I spoke a lot of Spanish.”

Ms. Curtin has been looking forward to taking Advanced Placement Chemistry and AP Spanish and she has enjoyed both classes during the first month of the new school year. “These are classes that I like because the subjects are interesting to me,” she said. “I’ve been looking forward to having Mrs. [Elizabeth] Casazza as my AP Spanish teacher because she has been my Spanish teacher since my freshman year.”

The teenager hasn’t concentrated on potential colleges or careers just yet, “but I’m interested in something possibly related to STEM,” Ms. Curtin said. “But I’m keeping an open mind because I’m not completely sure.”

One thing she is sure about is her desire to travel as much as possible. “During spring break, my friend and I traveled to the Dominican Republic, which I loved because I was with my best friend, but also we ate at many different restaurants and the beaches were very pretty,” Ms. Curtin said. “My trip to Spain over the summer was also a lot of fun. We did a good tour, went hiking, ate at many different restaurants and went shopping.”

Ms. Curtin makes the best of wherever she happens to be in the world at any given time. All of that traveling has proved to be educational in and of itself. The teenager seizes on every possible opportunity to learn and she has fun doing it.