Huntington High School sophomore Jessica Kuom

Sophomore Jessica Kuom Looks to Make Mark

Huntington High School sophomore Jessica Kuom

November 23, 2021

Jessica Kuom is one of Huntington High School’s rising runners. The sophomore enjoyed a wonderful fall cross country season and now she’s looking to make her mark during the winter and spring track and field campaigns.

Ms. Kuom placed 16th in a field of 63 at the Suffolk Sophomore Championships at Sunken Meadow State Park, running the 2.5 mile course in a time of 19:05.24.

Despite coming into the season a little rusty due to having her training regimen seriously disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the teenager was able to put together a very nice season.

“Once Jess built her base up and gained confidence back in her running, she quickly moved to the top of the pack in many of our races,” said Beth Andersen, Huntington’s head coach. She is only a sophomore and we have discussed how much potential she has moving forward. She has expressed how her love has grown for the sport and she is motivated to train hard over the next year to come into her junior season stronger than ever. The girls’ love Jess’ positive attitude and outlook on life and we can’t wait to see her excel in the years ahead.”
The teenager already possesses college and career interests. “I would love to go to Fashion Institute of Technology in the city or go to any school that involves in fashion or cosmetology,” Ms. Kuom said.

Among the sophomore’s favorite teachers are Lori Kenny, Sarah Hall, Mario Romero and Peter Fusco.

Ms. Kuom spent last summer relaxing and hanging up with family and friends. Once classes started in September, she quickly buckled down.

“Before COVID-19 hit I went to New Orleans,” Ms. Kuom said. “I thought that trip was super fun and by far a great place to visit.”

Ms. Kuom is in the midst of an enjoyable high school run. “Huntington High School is a great school with a lot of amazing students and teachers who are all supportive of one another,” she said. “The best way to make new friends is to join a club or a sport because they are like your own little personal family inside of the school building.”

Interesting class, sports and friends and family keep Ms. Kuom busy. “I have had a great year so far at Huntington High School,” she said. “I have been doing sports here since I was in seventh grade and considering that I missed my whole freshman year, I would say so far my sophomore year has been pretty great!”