Huntington student-athletes are encouraged to visit

Core Course GPA Available to Huntington Student-Athletes

Huntington student-athletes are encouraged to visit

November 5, 2021

Huntington High School students interested in exploring the possibility of playing college level sports are encouraged to visit or speak with their guidance counselor about it. is intended as an informational tool to assist high school student-athletes in determining their NCAA initial eligibility. results are determined by applying the eligibility criteria published by the NCAA to the information you enter into the software. Huntington has purchased an annual license to use the program. is web-based software that allows school counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes to easily track a student-athlete’s progress towards meeting NCAA Eligibility Center requirements (formerly NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse) for both Division I and Division II.

It is now easier than ever for Huntington student-athletes and their families to educate themselves on various aspects of NCAA/NAIA initial-eligibility and recruiting.

Just click on the 1-Minute Recruiting Webinars below:

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What is the NAIA Eligibility Center?

Blue Devil student-athletes may activate a new member account by clicking this link: generates a detailed “Initial-Eligibility Status Report” which provides the student/parent, coach or counselor with both the Division I and Division II core course GPA as well as corresponding minimum required SAT and ACT scores and a complete listing of the number of core course credits satisfied and the number to be completed. manages the varying NCAA initial-eligibility standards for each graduating class. The company’s software is made available via an annual license fee to schools or individual subscribers. The software is customized for the specific core course offerings of each member high school.

In addition to providing a time-saving tool to calculate NCAA core course GPA, also provides counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes with pertinent information pertaining to financial aid, the recruiting process, recruiting rules and other academic subject matter.

Questions can be sent to Jeannette Alomia, Huntington UFSD’s director of guidance and testing at