Huntington High School sophomore Olivia Polinsky

Sophomore Olivia Polinsky’s Love of Science Takes Root

Huntington High School sophomore Olivia Polinsky

November 5, 2021

Olivia Polinsky is one of Huntington High School’s most dynamic sophomores. The teenager is excelling in her classes, engaging in a scientific internship in the community, playing on the varsity field hockey team, serving in the student government and volunteering with a pair of highly regarded clubs.

Some current classes that especially interest Ms. Polinsky are chemistry, advanced drawing and painting and science research. “I have been looking forward to working with several teachers including Mrs. [Lori] Kenny and Mrs. [Kristin] Singer,” she said.

Ms. Polinsky is thoroughly involved in life at the high school. She is well liked by her classmates and teammates and highly regarded by Huntington’s faculty members.

“This past summer I spent a significant amount of time playing field hockey,” Ms. Polinsky said. “I played on a travel team and in addition to that, a few teammates and I went up to Delaware to play with Mid-Atlantic. It was a really great week of working on advancing our skills and tournament play. Brooke Parks and I also got a chance to try out for the future’s program, which we just recently got our acceptance letters for.”

Ms. Polinsky was also able to do a lot of sailing during the past summer. “I love getting on the water with my family and friends,” she said. “It’s always such a blast and I’m looking forward to sailing longer distances each year in hopes of eventually sailing around the world.”

The teenager helped the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team reach new heights this fall. Huntington won a program best 12 games. Ms. Polinsky plans to continue playing in the spring. She also participates in the high school’s Habitat for Humanity and Key Club chapter activities and she’s involved in the student government and plans to join the National History Day club.

“I am not set on any college as of right now, but I do know that I would possibly like to go into science,” Ms. Polinsky said. “I have been working with Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition and NYSCHECK (New York State Children’s Health Centers) and have found that I enjoy advocating for stricter regulations on harmful products and environmental exposures which lead to negative health problems. Yet these chemicals and products are still utilized/made because there aren’t clear restrictions mad by the FDA/EPA.”