Huntington students are encouraged to apply for a free sports law program sponsored by St. John's University.

Apply Today for Free Two-Week Sports Law Program

Huntington students are encouraged to apply for a free sports law program sponsored by St. John's University.

June 28 , 2021

Huntington High School students are encouraged to apply today for a free introduction to sports law program held virtually by St. John’s University. Sponsored by the Long Island Nets and the New York Liberty, the “Assembling A Dream Team For The Court...Room: An Introduction To Sports Law For High School Students” diversity pipeline program is hosted by the Ron Brown Center. This is a virtual program that you can do from home.

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A group of 20 motivated, dedicated and curious applicants with a genuine interest in the legal field, especially sports and civil rights, and strong communication skills—both written and verbal—will be selected to participate in this two-week sports program from Monday, July 12 to Friday, July 23.  

The target audience includes high school students (all grade levels) who reside or attend school in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. This program is free. Each student will receive a $200 stipend. Applications are due on Tuesday (June 29) by 11:59 p.m.

Here are the program application requirements:

• Resume (maximum 2 typed pages): Please attach a résumé that includes any scholastic honors and awards that you have received. Also highlight significant work experience plus extracurricular and community activities in which you have been involved. If you are unsure of how to format your resume, you may follow the format linked here.
• Self-Report High School Transcript: Please list all attempted courses in chronological order, including pass/fail courses. If you have repeated a course, you will list it twice. Enter your grades exactly as they appear on your transcript. Use subheadings to indicate semester (e.g., Spring 2021). 
• Personal Statement (maximum 2 typed pages): Tell us about yourself! How have your lived experiences and background shaped who you are today and your future aspirations? This may include any cultural, economic, physical, or educational disadvantage that you (or your immediate family) have overcome. How will your participation contribute to your own self-growth and social justice to our community? Be sure describe your interest in civil rights, social justice, sports, or other areas in law in your statement.
• List Two References: Include contact information - Name, Title, Phone Number, Email Address. One must be a teacher; they should be able to speak to your academic capabilities. The other may be a second faculty member, an employer, or a mentor.  Note that you do not need a letter of recommendation. You only need them to agree to serve as a reference. 
• Headshot: Please submit a headshot photo. This can be a photograph, no more than one year old, that you have taken yourself--please make sure that the photo you have taken yourself follows the guidelines linked here. Or you can submit a digital/scanned copy of a professional headshot, no more than one year old, such as ones taken for school administration/faculty or for graduation photos without the cap and gown, or as shown linked here in this digital brochure. 
• Please make sure your full name is included in each document. Please upload all materials in PDF format (or HEIC/PNG/JPEG for photos) in this application. Label each file with your name and the type of document in the following format: Last Name, First Name - Document Type. (e.g., Smith, John - Resume). 

If you have any questions about the application process, please sent a message to  

Student FAQs

Q: How do I apply for this program?
A: Simply click the blue “Apply” button above and you will be directed to the online application form. Please complete the form and upload all required materials. When you are done, click the blue “Submit Application” button!
Q: Do I have to pay tuition or any program fees?
A: No, this program is completely free of cost to you! Plus, each student will receive a $200 stipend!
Q: What is the start and end date for the program?
A: The program runs from Monday, July 12 to Friday, July 23, 2021.
Q: What is the program’s schedule (time of day, days of the week)?
A: You must be available for all schedule sessions, Monday through Friday, during the two weeks. The hours for each day will be from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. excluding the virtual closing ceremony which will be carried out into the evening hours on the last day. Keep in mind that this current schedule is tentative and subject to change, but it will be a Monday through Friday commitment from July 12 to July 23.
Q: What type of classes are scheduled?
A: Classes include sports law and civil rights, and an introduction to negotiation theory. There will also be a variety of workshops and panels.
Q: What grade level do I have to be in to participate in this program?
A: You can be an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or just recently graduated high school this year. 
Q: Is this program for all New York City public high school students?
A: The program is open to students who live or attend school in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.