The Huntington girls' swimming and diving team is looking to add to its roster of athletes

Blue Devil Girls’ Swimming & Diving Welcomes New Team Members

The Huntington girls' swimming and diving team is looking to add to its roster of athletes

July 28, 2021

Huntington High School students looking to have a ton of fun this fall are being encouraged to consider joining the Blue Devil girls’ swimming and diving team. Practice begins on Monday, August 23 outdoors at the Bay Club.

The Huntington girls’ swimming and diving program has a decades long history with hundreds of happy team alums. Swimming is fun; there’s no doubt about that. It’s great exercise and an even better way to unwind, relax and feel invigorated. Competing individually or as member of a relay is downright thrilling, too.

Finley Middle School science teacher Chris Helmke is Huntington’s longtime head coach. Meg McConnell coaches the divers and assists with the swimmers.

Huntington is led by two-time state championships qualifier Kathryn Montefusco. The rising junior is expected to be a run at state titles in each of the next two years.

The Blue Devils practice outdoors at the Bay Club until classes begin and then the team moves indoors to YMCA’s pool.

Incoming seventh and eighth graders who are interested in participating in the girls’ swimming and diving program are required to be qualified for participation through the state’s Athletic Placement Process. Parents of seventh and eighth graders should send a written notice of their interest via email as soon as possible to Director of Athletics Jim Hoops at

Checklist prior to tryouts:

Every student needs to get re-qualified by the school nurse for each sport season. The nurse can only clear a student if they have the following forms on file:
• Private physician physical exam form: (link below)
• Interval health history form: (link below)
• Parent permission form: (link below)