Emma Guba is headed to Fashion Institute of Technology to study illustration.

Emma Guba Garners Judy Menacho Scholarship Award

Emma Guba is headed to Fashion Institute of Technology to study illustration.

July 23, 2021

Judy Menacho was a great art teacher with a splendid sense of humor. When the longtime Huntington UFSD faculty member passed away last February it saddened her neighbors and former colleagues. A scholarship in her memory was presented to Huntington High School Class of 2021 member Emma Guba.

A superb all-around student, Ms. Guba plans to study illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. A member of the Art Honor Society, she was named a Distinguished Senior after earning an academic average of 90 or better during every semester of high school.

Mrs. Menacho’s neighbors contributed money to fund an “art supplies” scholarship and thought Ms. Guba was very well deserving of a very special award presented in memory of a sensational teacher.

Ms. Guba said she owes her success to “having a creative outlook on life.” It’s helped her keep her head held high as she goes about her daily routine and responsibilities.

The teenager said that “being open and willing to change has made navigating high school easier.” Her flexibility along with a love for learning helped her gain knowledge through a variety of interesting and valuable classes.

The new alum said she “has enjoyed seeing the difference” in herself from ninth grade through her senior year. A proud member of the Art Honor Society, secretary of the women’s empowerment club and membership chair of the GSA, Ms. Guba has had a full experience at Huntington High School.

As she prepares to head off to college, Ms. Guba said she “has been lucky to build strong, supportive friendships.” Her classmates and teachers all expect her to once again find success at FIT.