June's Star Student Award winners at Flower Hill School are a wonderful group of children.

Flower Hill’s Star Students are Splendid Youngsters

June's Star Student Award winners at Flower Hill School are a wonderful group of children.

July 5, 2021

It’s finally summer vacation and it didn’t come a minute too soon for the boys and girls at Flower Hill Primary School who wanted and needed a break from the usual routine.

While Flower Hill students love their school, they also like spending time visiting relatives, swimming, attending camps, going to the beach and enjoying time away from the classroom, too.

The Flower Hill youngsters deserve some time off after giving their teachers everything they had for the past 10 months. This was a tough year for everyone, with lots of restrictions and changes to usual practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But everyone got through it.

In the waning hours of the 2020/21 school year, Principal Lucia Laguarda announced the recipients of June’s Star Student Awards. It’s an impressive group by any measure. The honorees include:

Kindergarten: Paul Hatzidakis, Bowie Carey, Allison Diaz Guardado, Abigail Portillo Moreira, Presley Bigelow, Emily Saasto
First grade: Alex Oromaner, Dana Martinez Alfaro, Briannie Navarrete Pineda, Benjamin Gleason, Madison Rodgers 
Second grade: Sulmy Dominquez Barahona, Kenneth Guardado, Meilyn Martinez-Isidro, Phoebe Poli, Madeline Harris, Jake Molina                                                                 
Third Grade: Matteo Dasaro, Mason Alexis, Blake Schmale, Gerson Cabrera Marquez, Jayden Giron Vicente, Helen Ruano Perdomo

“June’s Star Student Award winners are a splendid group of children, but we want to also acknowledge every single Flower Hill student who worked hard this year and persevered through all the changes to our usual way of doing things,” Ms. Laguarda said. We are hoping for a great 2021/22!”