Huntington High School junior Matthew Minicozzi (2)

Matthew Minicozzi Makes New Friends & Great Memories

Huntington High School junior Matthew Minicozzi

January 29 , 2021

Matthew Minicozzi has been using his time wisely at Huntington High School where the junior is pursuing his academic interests and participating in clubs and sports while maintaining an enjoyable social life.

The teenager is a very good student and is widely respected and admired by his teachers and classmates. Well-liked by everyone, Mr. Minicozzi is an articulate, informed and serious young man who also displays a fun-loving side.

“The courses that interest me the most this year are Advanced Placement U.S. History, Physics and Criminal Justice,” Mr. Minicozzi said. “These classes are very unique and give me a challenge to work hard and help prepare me for college.

The teenager plays on the Blue Devil tennis and football teams. Mr. Minicozzi has been inducted in the National Honor Society and Italian Honor Society. He’s earned a spot on Huntington High School’s High Honor Roll in recognition of his sterling academic performance.

The junior’s closest friends include Robert Brown, Evy Diaz Garcia, Anthony Silvestri and Will Barraco.

“One teacher that has definitely stood out from the rest is Mr. [Michael] Graziano,” Mr. Minicozzi said. “He is a very funny and respectful teacher. Graz was always full of energy. He saw the academic potential I had and encouraged me to work hard.”

The teenager’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Be involved with what the school has to offer,” Mr. Minicozzi said. “Being active in sports, clubs and a range of electives gives you more opportunities in planning for your future, whether you want to go to a certain college or work in a certain profession.”

Mr. Minicozzi is currently interested in the United States Air Force Academy, Adelphi University and St. John’s University. “I’d love to pursue a career path in criminal justice,” he said.

In a world filled with uncertainty one thing is for certain: Mr. Minicozzi will keep working hard in everything he does. It’s that strong work ethic that teachers say will propel him to success in college and in whatever career field he ultimately settles into.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been amazing,” Mr. Minicozzi said. “I’ve made so many new friends and great memories here. This school has given me so many learning opportunities, which helped me plan for my future. I can’t wait to see what my senior year has to offer.”