December's Washington Ways Award recipients are a proud group of youngsters.

Washington Primary School Celebrates its Stars

December's Washington Ways Award recipients are a proud group of youngsters.

January 25 , 2021

The school year is marching ahead at Washington Primary School, which recently recognized a group of star students who were presented with coveted Washington Ways Award certificates.

Principal Michelle Richards along with faculty and staff members are working overtime to get students the closest thing to a “normal” experience as they can. While that might be a bit too ambitious during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has upended regular operations, it’s still the goal of everyone.

Washington students have been remarkably understanding of all the new regulations and practices and have adapted well. They can’t wait to get back to true normality but in the meantime, they are doing a great job.

Dr. Richard announced the names of December’s Washington Ways Award recipients and the youngsters happily accepted their colorful certificates and posed for photos.

The honorees include Natalia Lizama, Lily Bodnar, Claire Brown, Valentina Lee, Melanie Pin, Dylan Sbrocchi, Walter Prudencio Alvarez, Haley Muccia, Dashell Alba Dominguez, Parker Garrett, Emma Alvarado, Lucila Valiente Caceres, Aiden Rivera, Marc Rosendo, Marcos Bonilla Yanes, Yahel Barak Eitsur, Jason Bencivenga, William Guadique Saravia and Jackie Reyes-Flores.

The entire classes of first grade teacher Lauren Soskil and third grade teacher Katie Kalkau were also recognized for their outstanding performance throughout the month of December.

“We are so proud of all these award winners and all of our students here at Washington Primary School,” Dr. Richards said.