Southdown Primary School presented November's Splash Awards

Southdown Presents November’s Splash Awards

Southdown Primary School presented November's Splash Awards

December 2, 2021

Southdown Primary School Principal Jill Amott-Erwig presented November’s Splash Awards to a happy group of youngsters.

The students were recognized for their overall effort and performance in classrooms and all around the building and grounds.

The Splash Awards are named for the school’s mascot; a dolphin, which is well known for splashing water on anyone nearby.

Splash Award recipients are essentially Southdown’s Stars of the Month. They are a wonderful group of boys and girls who are proud of their work and school. Teachers and parents are just as proud of them and so is Ms. Amott-Erwig.

November’s Splash Award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Charles “Charlie” Carino; Kindergarten: Fiona Conroy, Elizabeth Keely, Kylie Araujo Hernandez, Luis Ulloa Gonzales; First Grade: Ernande Geneus, Jay Fuentes, Ashton Kalmar; Second Grade: Owen Jennings, Nolan Monge, Roman Marquez, Natalie Kirk, Triana Lucero Aguilar; Third Grade: Hensys Santana Perez, Piper Savatta, Andy Velasquez Arevalo, Juliet Grijalva de la Cruz

The award winners couldn’t be happier. Like anyone else, they enjoy getting a pat on the back for a job well done. They are working hard and they love coming to school and ineracting with their teachers. They are enthusiastic, inquisitive and respectful boys and girls who take delight in being members of the Southdown School community.