Huntington junior Emely Cruz is ready for a great year

Junior Emely Cruz Keeping Eye on Goals

Huntington junior Emely Cruz is ready for a great year

August 27, 2021

Emely Cruz has been quietly compiling an exceptional all-around record at Huntington High School, where the teenager is an incoming junior.

Ms. Cruz has many different talents and she is making good use of them all. She’s a conscientious young woman who works hard in everything she does and takes all of her classes seriously.

“This summer I spent a lot of my time biking and walking at local state parks with my mom; babysitting, completing summer assignments, helping out with my dad’s business and attending marching band meetings and band camp,” Ms. Cruz said.

The teenager said she plans to get more involved in the club program and in school activities in general. “But I particularly want to get a job and build up some new skills that would help me for my future,” Ms. Cruz said.

The junior said she is “personally looking forward” to Advanced Placement Spanish and Forensics classes. “I find that Spanish is one of my best subjects when it comes to studying and practicing at home and in Spanish speaking countries,” Ms. Cruz said. “Forensics is a subject that interests me when it comes to my own future plans and is a subject that is somewhat related to forensic pathology, which is a career I might want to pursue.”

Ms. Cruz is also interested in dermatology and cardiology. “As for college, I have been looking into Stony Brook, Hofstra, Binghamton, NYU and even a dream of mine, Stanford University,” she said.

The teenager plans to keep working hard as she strives to ace every course. She keeps her goals in mind as she goes about her daily routine and responsibilities. “Even though NYU and Stanford are very selective in the admission process,” Ms. Cruz has high hopes for successful applications.