Huntington's student government is commprised of teenagers who advocate getting involved and making a difference

Huntington High School Class Officers Get to Work

Huntington's student government is commprised of teenagers who advocate getting involved and making a difference

August 27, 2021

These teenagers are determined to get involved and make a difference and they are doing just that. Student government class officers are getting to work at Huntington High School, formulating plans for homecoming week activities and discussing initiatives they want to pursue throughout the 2021/22 school year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t exactly business as usual. “We are going with the same officers from last year until at least after homecoming on October 9,” said teacher David Moriarty, who along with colleague Danielle Raguzin serves as the student government’s faculty advisor. “We all agreed that these officers weren’t able to do homecoming last year, so they should get the chance this school year before going to elections. There are no GO officers until after homecoming, The senior class officers will be splitting those responsibilities among them.

Huntington’s Class of 2022 officers include Teddi Carnesi (president), Ashley Genao (vice president), Erin Ye (recording secretary), Cassidy Casabona (treasurer) and Katie Browne (public relations coordinator).

Ella Kamenstein (president), Rachel Morina (vice president), Neha Rathore (recording secretary), Leah Sheran (treasurer) and Mackenzie Ahern (public relations coordinator) will lead Huntington’s Class of 2023.

Katherine Estrada (president), Zaida Correal (vice president), Jordana Paniccia (recording secretary), Reese Rinaldi (treasurer) and Joanna Lee (public relations coordinator) are working on behalf of the Class of 2024.

The incoming freshman class is led by Nina Fascilla (president), Elizabeth James (vice president), Wynne Franciscovich (treasurer) and Molly O’Brien (secretary).

Faculty advisors include: Class of 2022 - Patricia Avelli and Donna Nugent; Class of 2023 – Sarah Hall and Melissa Sorrentino; Class of 2024 – Luigi Papasidero and Shannon Rucky; Class of 2025 – Diana Bonilla and Evelyn Hernandez.

We are preparing for homecoming,” Ms. Carnesi said. “We have put in our paper orders to decorate our floats and have started constructing a model of what our floats will look like. Once the school years starts, we will begin float parties with our classmates to complete the decoration of our float. The theme for homecoming was his year is video games.”