Huntington Senior Jailyn Fuentes Eyes Top Colleges

Huntington High School senior Jailyn Fuentes.

September 11, 2020

Jailyn Fuentes has been working hard in her classes for many years and the Huntington High School senior is now in a position to consider several top tier colleges as she begins to sketch out plans for her future.

Ms. Fuentes is a happy and optimistic young woman. She is a great conversationalist and a very loyal friend. She’s compiled an excellent academic record while taking many highly regarded courses.

“I’m looking forward to taking Advanced Placement US Government and Politics and the African-American Politics course that the high school offers,” said Ms. Fuentes about her senior year schedule. “Especially with the current issues in society, I think these two courses will be enriching and exciting to take this year. I'm also doing an internship with Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan so I look forward to having him as a mentor this year.”

Ms. Fuentes routinely makes good use of her time. She is always working on something productive that will help her grow as a person. She is very well-liked and widely admired by her classmates and Huntington’s faculty.

“I hope to be involved with the current academic honor societies that I am a member of and I hope we can possibly plan events for the year,” Ms. Fuentes said. Like every other senior, she hopes a return to normalcy will occur sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, she doesn’t want to let the COVID-19 pandemic ruin the year.

“As one of the Huntington Highstepper captains, I hope to have as much of a season as we can, even though the regional competitions have already been cancelled for the year,” said Ms. Fuentes about the high school’s competitive dance team.

The senior’s plans for the future are still taking shape. She is not sure of her career path just yet. “Three of the top schools that I’ve been considering have been New York University, Binghamton University and Fordham University,” Ms. Fuentes said.

As she begins her final year at Huntington High School, Ms. Fuentes intends to make every day count.