Alexa Amorison with the ball for the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo)

Huntington’s Alexa Amorison Commits to Molloy College Lax

Alexa Amorison with the ball for the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo)

October 28, 2020

She’s one of the finest teenagers anyone could ever meet. Alexa Amorison has gone about her daily business in Huntington High School’s classrooms, courts and playing fields with grace and dignity and an awesome sense of humor and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The highly regarded senior has committed to play lacrosse at Molloy College in Rockville Centre.

“After considering all factors, Molloy College is the college that stood out the most to me,” Ms. Amorison said. “It is the perfect distance away from home. Not only do I get to be a part of a great lacrosse program, but also the No. 1 nursing program in the country.”

 Huntington High School senior Alexa Amorison
Huntington High School senior Alexa Amorison

Ms. Amorison is a three-sport Blue Devil athlete, playing on the varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams. She’s a great student and has been inducted into the high school’s National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, English Honor Society and Math Honor Society chapters.

The senior is the secretary of Huntington High School’s Interact Club, which like its adult counterpart, Rotary Club seeks to make the community and world a better place through service projects.

“I really enjoy getting involved and helping the community,” Ms. Amorison said. “I would also be volunteering at Huntington Hospital right now, but due to the pandemic I am not able to at this point.”

Ms. Amorison is “very close” with Taylor Case, Charlotte Maggio, Jordan Forte, Bella Algieri, Gigi DeVoe, Ainsley Lumpe, Leah Hansen, Sarah Giarraputo, Julia Gorecki, Aidan Bender and Joe Petrone. “They have all always been there for me and I am happy to call them my best friends,” she said.

The teenager is making the best of her senior year, even as the COVID-19 pandemic still rages on. “I am very happy that I am taking Advanced Placement Biology this year with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck,” Ms. Amorison said. “Biology is a subject that really interests me and may help my future career in nursing. Other teachers that I am extremely happy to work with are Mrs. [Elizabeth] Casazza and Mrs. [Esmeralda] Tello, who have both taught me in the past.”

An easygoing young woman, Ms. Amorison is widely regarded as a kind and considerate soul and a positive and supportive presence in the lives of those closest to her.

“Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi and Ms. [Amelia] Saggese are two teachers that really stood out to me,” Ms. Amorison said. “Ms. Tedeschi is a great teacher that genuinely cares about your learning and goes above and beyond and she really impacted my learning. Ms. Saggese is a teacher that is extremely easy to talk to and she really took the time to get to know me as a person.”

The senior’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Get involved as much as possible whether it is through sports or clubs,” Ms. Amorison said. “It’s a great way to make new friends and create opportunities for yourself. I would also say to really enjoy everything in high school because the four years flies by way faster than you think.”

By committing to Molloy College early, Ms. Amorison has been able to avoid the pressures that many seniors typically encounter. She’s very comfortable with her decision, from academic, athletic and even social perspectives.

“I am extremely happy with my experience at Huntington High School,” Ms. Amorison said. “Participation in sports, clubs, community service activities and creating closer bonds with my teachers and friends were all factors that made my experience at Huntington unforgettable.”