Senior Juliana Friebolin Thrives at Huntington High School

HHS Senior Juliana Friebolin

October 21, 2020

Juliana Friebolin has done nothing but make Huntington High School proud over the past four years. A sensitive, articulate and highly regarded young woman, the senior has worked hard and kept her eyes on a set of inspiring goals while gaining the respect of everyone and being a cherished and valued friend.

One of Huntington’s finest students, the teenager takes all of her classes seriously, devoting the time, energy and consideration that each of them deserves.

“I’m really interested in science and math courses and this year I am taking Advanced Placement Biology with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck and Pre-Calculus with Mr. [David] Moriarty,” Ms. Friebolin said.

The senior participates in the Key Club, AWOD (A World of Difference, an anti-discrimination and pro-tolerance organization), Habitat for Humanity and the environmental club.

“I am excited for this year’s clubs,” Ms. Friebolin said. “Even though we are unable to do some of the regular clubs activities, such as meetings or club gatherings, I’m interested to see what’s to come.”

Ms. Friebolin is a much valued friend and she’s enjoyed these relationships individually and collectively. She has a compassionate streak and is always ready to lend a hand or offer a kind word.

“All of my friends are amazing, but my closest friends are Kemberlin Hernandez-Veliz, Ryan Aguirre, Brianna Isaza and Julia Gorecki,” Ms. Friebolin said.

“Juliana and I have been very close friends since middle school,” Ms. Gorecki said. “She is always there for me and never fails to make me laugh. I just know she is going to go very far in life.”

The teenager has been mentored by high school science teacher Lori Kenny. “She was my freshman Biology Honors teacher and my senior year Science Research Honors teacher,” Ms. Friebolin said. “When I have a problem, I always go to her. Also, Mrs. [Gina] Colica was my English teacher for freshman year and is my current English teacher and she has been extremely helpful and an amazing teacher.”

As Ms. Friebolin goes about her daily business at the high school, she is surrounded by classmates, teachers and friends that all hold her in high esteem.

“Juliana is a really fun and outgoing person,” Mr. Aguirre said. “She is super bubbly and an overall great friend. She has a great sense of humor and gives everything her all.”

Ms. Friebolin’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Be kind and don’t take for granted your four years at high school,” she said. “I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true what they say; time flies by in high school and before you know it, you’re at your graduation.”

The teenager has been studying college possibilities and considering programs of study and possible careers and she has reached several decisions.

“My top college at this point is Baylor University in Waco Texas,” Ms. Friebolin said. “They have an amazing pre-med program, which I’m interested in doing. I would like to major in biology with a minor in Spanish.”

When it comes time to say goodbye to her friends and head off to college, it will be hard for Ms. Friebolin, who places a premium on the close personal relationships she has developed.

“Juliana is an amazing friend of mine that I was fortunate enough to get closer with last year,” Ms. Isaza said. “She’s hilarious and a hardworking person. She’s one of a kind.”

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, Ms. Friebolin is determined to make this a great year and to finish in the district on a high note.

“My experience at Huntington was amazing,” Ms. Friebolin said. “I’ve made so many close friends and received a great education.”