Huntington High School junior Hanna Carlson

Junior Hanna Carlson Enjoying Classes and Sports

Huntington High School junior Hanna Carlson

November 4, 2020

Hanna Carlson is enjoying her junior year at Huntington High School, even while in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The teenager is taking delight in her classes and looking forward to the spring when she plans to play soccer for the Blue Devils.

Ms. Carlson is a resilient young woman who always finds a way to be successful. She interacts well with her classmates and teachers and they genuinely like her. She is considered a valuable asset to the high school and enhances the atmosphere in all of her classes.

The teenager is especially interested in her Advanced Placement Biology and Psychology classes. Ms. Carlson is bright, articulate and inquisitive. She likes to learn new things and to explore how the world works.

The teenager has many friends, but her closest ones include Ella Naima, Katie Browne and Gretel Cassell. She enjoys the social aspect of the high school and she’s always ready to help anyone in need.

Ms. Carlson has also developed a productive mentoring relationship with social studies teacher Kaitlyn Hanft. “She made me enjoy school because we had a close relationship,” the junior said.

The teenager is full of energy and enthusiasm. “I am very excited for soccer to hopefully start up again soon,” Ms. Carlson said. “It’s my favorite sport.”

Ms. Carlson has some advice for ninth graders. “For incoming freshmen it is very important to have good grades in all of your classes,” she said. “Always work hard and try your best. Don’t give up because things get difficult. It will all work out in the end, but in order to succeed you need the drive and to put in the effort. I would also tell freshmen to only surround yourself with the friends that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself. Don’t surround yourself with people you that will bring you down.”

Like many of her classmates, Ms. Carlson hasn’t begun to concentrate on the college application process just yet. At some point down the road she will compile a list of college possibilities, but she isn’t ready to do so right now.

“I’m not exactly sure where I want to go to school, but I am almost 100 percent sure that I am going to go to med school so I want to study exercise science in order to get my physical therapist license.”

With each passing day, Ms. Carlson gains in confidence. Her momentum appears unstoppable as she marches toward accomplishing her goals.

“Huntington has been the best experience,” Ms. Carlson said. “I made friendships that will last forever and I learned things I’ll never forget.”