Tahiyat Akber plans to study biology at Stony Brook University.

Tahiyat Akber to Study Biology at Stony Brook University

Tahiyat Akber plans to study biology at Stony Brook University.

July 17, 2020

Tahiyat Akber graduated as one of the top members Huntington High School’s Class of 2020. She plans to study biology at Stony Brook University.

An Advanced Placement Scholar, Ms. Akber was inducted into Huntington’s National Honor Society chapter in recognition of her sensational academic record.

Described by her classmates as a “great person,” “super sweet” and “really helpful,” Ms. Akber made a positive impression on folks of all ages over the past four years.

The teenager believes the key to her success has been “never taking anything too seriously and trying to make everything enjoyable.” Creating meaningful relationships and making new friends during high school are accomplishments that are just as important to Ms. Akber as any high grade she received on a test.

Named a Distinguished Senior in recognition of her exemplary academic record, Ms. Akber’s acceptance into Stony Brook’s rigorous biology program speaks volumes about how highly regarded she is by everyone.

A Huntington Hospital volunteer, Ms. Akber balanced her academic responsibilities with fun club and extracurricular activities, including events such as Relay For Life, Homecoming Float Night and Safe Halloween.

The impressive young woman repeatedly challenged herself over the past four years by enrolling in Advanced Placement courses and notching high marks in all of them. 

“Tahiyat, or Hiya as most of her friends call her, has been my friend since freshman year,” classmate Alison Goodings said. “Hiya has such a fun and easy going personality that makes any class she’s in a little more enjoyable for the rest of the class. This past year we both were the only ones among our friends who were planning on commuting to college, which definitely brought us closer. Most of our friends are planning on living at their school’s dorms and living away from home, so it was great to be able to talk to Hiya about our plans and help each other with the college application process.”