Jonny D Visits Washington School Third Graders

Jonny Dawson with a class of Washington third graders.

December 14, 2016

A visit to Washington Primary School by local business owner Jonathan Dawson fit perfectly into a third grade unit on “communities” one recent afternoon.

The general manager of Jonny D’s Pizza on New York Avenue in Huntington Station, Mr. Dawson enjoyed his time in a Washington classroom and the kids loved playing host to him.

“We recently started the second unit of the Treasures reading and language arts program,” explained teacher Tina Balducci. “The theme of the unit was ‘communities’ and more specifically the importance of supporting local community businesses.”

Ms. Balducci and her faculty colleague Susan Turner huddled and decided a visit by a local business owner was in order so the pair queried their students to determine just who should be invited

Jonny D's Pizza in Huntington Station.

“Jonny D’s Pizza was one of the local businesses that the students were interested in and they brought it up during class discussions,” Ms. Balducci said. “We reached out to Jonny D and he jumped at the chance to come and talk to the students about opening and owning a local business.”

Mr. Dawson discussed the passion that’s required to launch and sustain a business and how to go about pursuing your dreams even against daunting odds, including the long hours such an enterprise demands and the ups and downs a person is sure to encounter along the way. “Don’t ever give up,” he told the youngsters.

Each of the students was given an opportunity to ask Mr. Dawson a question. The successful businessman even took the time to read a book to the class. “It was a great visit and an experience the students thoroughly enjoyed,” Ms. Balducci said.