Huntington UFSD third graders will be participating in the Meet the Instruments music program

Huntington Third Graders to Meet the Instruments

Huntington UFSD third graders will be participating in the Meet the Instruments music program

March 15 , 2021

Huntington School District third graders will be exposed to a variety of musical instruments this week. “Meet the Instruments” is an annual program that introduces primary level students to musical instruments they can study and play as fourth graders.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s series of presentations will be held virtually Students will watch an interactive slide show during their general music class, where they will learn about the instrumental music programs offered in the district.

The in-class virtual presentation will include instrument graphics and performance excerpts. “Following the in-class portion, information on the fourth grade music program, including how to choose an instrument and join the band or orchestra program, will be shared electronically with families,” said Eric Reynolds, district director of fine and performing arts. “We ask that parents and their child review the slide and sign up for next year’s band or orchestra using the Google Form that will be shared along with the presentation.”

Students can begin to study an instrument in fourth through sixth grades. Students may occasionally start in later grades depending upon the circumstances.

“It is with great excitement that we welcome our current third grade students and future Huntington musicians, to Meet the Instruments this week,” Mr. Reynolds said. “Though our staff cannot go out on tour like past years, the music teachers, especially Katherine Adams and Nicole Lynch, have worked hard to put together an interactive and engaging presentation for students and families.”

On this Thursday’s (March 18) K-6 remote learning day, the Meet the Instruments slide show will be posted in students’ general music Google Classroom should parents wish to review it. On Thursday, March 25, the presentation will be held in music class for students who have general music that day.

Ultimately, the success of Huntington’s instrumental program depends on having well balanced ensembles, so not everyone can play their first choice. The groups wouldn’t sound very good if there were only saxophones and drums, or all violins, the music teachers told the third graders. “Our experience is that most students are quite happy with playing any of their choice instruments,” one teacher said.

Recognized as one of the best communities for music education by the NAMM Foundation for eight straight years and twice named a GRAMMY Signature School semi-finalist, Huntington has long enjoyed national and local recognition for a tradition of musical excellence. Orchestra, band, and choral students from the Huntington schools are regularly chosen to perform in state and regional music festivals.

“Learning an instrument provides children with social, cognitive and fine motor skill development,” Mr. Reynolds said. “Studies have shown that participation in school performing ensembles increases standardized test scores, and gains in core curricular classes, such as math and science. Formalized music-making also solidifies life skills including discipline, organization, teamwork and problem solving.”

For more information about the music program contact Mr. Reynolds at (631) 673-2106 or