HHS Senior Class

Distinguished Seniors

H-ton’s Distinguished Seniors to be Honored

March 24, 2017
Penn State

H-ton Senior Leanne Daly Headed to Penn State

March 15, 2017
Robert Simon

H-ton Senior Robert Simon Selects Castleton University

March 10, 2017
Max Schauder

Senior Max Schauder Enjoys the Time of His Life

February 17, 2017
Grace Curran

Senior Grace Curran Sets Sights on Syracuse University

February 14, 2017
Abby Bellistri

Senior Abby Bellistri Ready for New Adventure in Scotland

February 13, 2017
Jordan Biener

Jordan Biener Inspires the Woodhull Drama Club

February 3, 2017
Alexandra Muller

Alexandra Muller Strives to Make a Difference

February 2, 2017
Shane McGuire

Blue Devil Track Star Shane McGuire Chooses Buffalo

February 1, 2017
Michael Harris

H-ton Senior Michael Harris Loves a Challenge

January 31, 2017

Blue Devil Senior Michaela Carnesi Chooses Muhlenberg

January 13, 2017

Marina Ruzic’s Violin Enhances Huntington’s Orchestra

January 10, 2017

Camryn Libes is one of Huntington’s Top Musicians

January 9, 2017

H-ton Senior Brian Donnelly Commits to St. Michael’s

January 6, 2017

Miranda Nykolyn’s Remarkable Huntington Experience

January 5, 2017

Jacob LaBarge One of New York’s Best Young Musicians

January 4, 2017

H-ton Senior Maddie Shea is a Spectacular Blue Devil

January 3, 2017

H-ton Senior Kayla Ryan is Going Global

December 16, 2016

H-ton Senior Ryann Gaffney Chooses Boston University

December 02, 2016

H-ton Senior Garrett Moya Signs with Marquette University

November 30, 2016

Noelle Harvey Makes it Official with Letter of Intent

November 29, 2016
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Camille Stafford Inks Letter of Intent to Play Lax at USC

November 28, 2016
Placeholder image

H-ton’s Austin Reda to Play Lax at St. John’s University

November 21, 2016
Placeholder image

Senior Cindy Rodriquez Makes Every Minute Count

October 28, 2016
Placeholder image

Jessica Cordes’ Fantastic Huntington Experience

October 26, 2016
Placeholder image

Magenta Lopez Brings a Smile to Huntington

October 20, 2016
Placeholder image

Noelle Harvey Always Looks to Make Things Better

October 19, 2016
Placeholder image

Senior Lauren McGlone’s Magnificent Four Years

October 17, 2016
Placeholder image

H-ton Senior Gabriella DeLuca Having the Time of Her Life

October 14, 2016
Placeholder image

Tara Wilson’s Unforgettable Huntington Experience

October 13, 2016
Placeholder image

Cornell Internship Helps Rachel Roday Explore Interests

October 11, 2016
Placeholder image

Emily Williams Wins Appliance World Scholarship

August 31, 2016
Placeholder image

Blue Devil Great Infinite Tucker Enrolls at Texas A&M

August 29, 2016
Placeholder image

Reilly & Fredericks Capture American Legion Medals

August 26, 2016
Placeholder image

Latt & Aguilar-Cruz Win It Can Wait Scholarships

August 19, 2016
Placeholder image

HARTE Awards Annual Scholarship to Yardalie Daniel

August 19, 2016
Placeholder image

Holly LoTurco Wins County Executive Award

August 17, 2016

Samantha Conte Garners Quentin Sammis Award

August 12, 2016

Dynamic Duo Wins Attorney General’s Triple “C” Award

August 12, 2016
Placeholder image

Holly Grabowski Captures Robert Potter Scholarship

August 8, 2016
Placeholder image

H-ton Grad Will Fehrs Eyes University of Tampa

August 8, 2016
Placeholder image

Rotary Awards Five Seniors $14K in Scholarships

August 5, 2016
Placeholder image

Sam Weitzner Wins Cohen Vocational Scholarship

August 3, 2016
Placeholder image

Joseph Toles Scholarships Awarded to Nine Seniors

August 3, 2016
Placeholder image

Rachel Carpenter Captures Robert K. Toaz Prize

August 1, 2016
Placeholder image

Ripley Mars Captures LI Blood Services Scholarship

August 1, 2016
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Huntington Seniors Presented with Art Awards

July 29, 2016
Placeholder image

Yardalie Daniel Wins Carmen Rivera-Gotay Scholarship

July 27, 2016
Placeholder image

Huntington Seniors Presented with Music Awards

July 27, 2016
Placeholder image

Jeannie Morgenstern Wins Steve Tribus Scholarship

July 25, 2016
Placeholder image

Exceptional Huntington Seniors Capture English Awards

July 25, 2016
Placeholder image

Brianna Jones Captures Tri-CYA’s Martone Scholarship

July 22, 2016
Placeholder image

Huntington’s Dan Mollitor Wins NEFCU Scholarship

July 22, 2016
Placeholder image

Infinite Tucker Wins Ray Deren Memorial Scholarship

July 20, 2016
Placeholder image

Nancy Fallon Captures Jagoda Scholarship

July 18, 2016
Placeholder image

Huntington Seniors Win Science Awards

July 18, 2016
Placeholder image

Garcia Avelar Captures Patrick McCourt Scholarship

July 15, 2016



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2016 Homecoming King and Queen Garrett Moya
and Leanne Daly.

Year after year, Huntington High School’s senior class has been an exceptionally talented group of young men and women. Among Class of 2016 members, 93 percent of graduates moved on to college studies with the rest headed to branches of the United States military, vocational and technical programs, a “gap” year before beginning college or immediate full-time employment.

Huntington’s most recent graduating seniors were accepted into a broad array of top tier colleges, including many of the leading universities in the world. The teenagers earned millions of dollars in academic and athletic scholarships and awards.

Among the Class of 2016, 41 percent earned Regents diplomas; two percent qualified for a Regents diploma with honors; 30 percent obtained Advanced Regents diplomas; 22 percent earned Advanced Regents diplomas with honors and five percent qualified for local diplomas.

Huntington seniors have long sparkled as scholars, athletes, musicians, actors, artists, engineers and scientists and mock trial courtroom warriors. They have taken leading roles in community service initiatives and humanitarian projects and have captured every conceivable honor.

Top Students

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Steve Yeh
Class of 2017 Valedictorian
Biography coming soon...

Thank you to all of the parents, teachers, faculty and friends who have come out to see us commemorate our grand accomplishment this evening. It is an appropriate time of day to celebrate, I think, if not a bit unconventional for graduations. As the sun hangs tentatively in the sky, we are able to breathe in the day we just lived, and prepare for the coming sunrise. All of our lives, we have been told to prepare for the next step, the next moment in our lives. Take a moment and reflect, are you what you want to be, are you ready for the next step?

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Miranda Nykolyn
Class of 2017 Salutatorian
Biography coming soon...

Good evening everybody. Thank you all so much for coming to this momentous occasion! Before I begin, I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, brother and sisters, grandparents, and the rest of my family members for their undulating love and support. Without them, I would be nowhere close to the person I am today. I would also like to thank Mrs. Croke, Mr. Cusack, Mr. Caleca, Mr. Smith, Mr. DeTroia, the academic, musical, and custodial staff of Huntington High School, and, most of all, the students of Huntington High School’s Class of 2016 and this year’s valedictorian, Miss Rachel Carpenter.


HHS Seniors HHS Seniors
HHS Senior Students

All seniors who are in good standing may leave the building during their lunch periods. They must leave their I.D. cards at the designated area before they leave. All seniors must have a signed Agreement for Senior Privileges form on file in the Main Office.

Seniors may also park in assigned spaces in the school parking lot. A permit must be obtained in the Security Office.

Seniors who return to school late from lunch due to car problems or accident must call the Dean’s Office (673-2007) as soon as possible before the end of the school day in order for the lateness or absence to class not to count as a cut. A follow-up call by the end of the same day from the parent is also required to substantiate that this absence was not a cut. Seniors who return late without a valid reason will lose their senior privilege for one week. Subsequent infractions will be handled progressively.


  • 2017 Senior Class President: Kelsey Miller
  • 2017 Senior Class Vice President: Allyson Arleo
  • 2017 Senior Class Corresponding Secretary: Kiera Striano
  • 2017 Senior Class Recording Secretary: Magenta Lopez
  • 2017 Senior Class Treasurer: Nicholas Newell
  • 2017 Senior Class Historian: James Shea
  • 2017 Senior Class Administrative Assistane Delegate: Cordelia Blair

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