Huntington High School sophomore Sana Amin

Sophomore Sana Amin Finds Huntington to be Amazing

Huntington High School sophomore Sana Amin

January 29 , 2021

Sana Amin is already interested in pursuing a career in some aspect of the medical field and she’s only a sophomore at Huntington High School. Yes, she is that impressive. The teenager is excelling academically, having earned a spot on the high honor roll and she’s participating in clubs and sports, too.

“This year I am taking Forensics and it is my favorite class by far,” Ms. Amin said. “I’ve always been interested in criminal investigations and how detectives piece together evidence to find who committed the crime. My forensics teacher, Mr. [Edward] Florea, is someone I’m looking forward to working with this year. Not only does he encourage us to try our best, he also provides help with other subjects such as chemistry and with any personal issues we may be facing.”

The teenager is participating in the Key Club and she is a Natural Helper, assisting classmates as they work through personal issues. A member of the English Honor Society, Ms. Amin also plays on the Blue Devil soccer team. “I would like to participate in the events each club has to offer,” she said. “Through these clubs I have made new friends and broke out of my comfort zone.”

The sophomore’s closest friends are Cecilia Kye and Lauren Gennarelli. “We have known each other since kindergarten and we participate in some of the same clubs together,” Ms. Amin said.

Huntington High School English teacher Kelly Krycinski is one of the faculty stand-outs in Ms. Amin’s experience. “She made class extremely enjoyable,” the teenager said. “We listened to music, she sang us songs and she helped improve my writing greatly.”

The sophomore’s advice for incoming ninth graders? “Just have fun,” Ms. Amin said. “School is a place to meet new people and try new things. I encourage them to take classes that interest them and to join extracurricular activities. Clubs are extremely beneficial to your high school experience and a great place to meet new people.”

Ms. Amin is already beginning to explore various college options. She’s interested in pursuing studies in the medical field.

“Huntington is an amazing school that encourages its students to do their best,” Ms. Amin said. “We have created an environment full of support and various opportunities for all.”