Huntington High School junior Nick DiPietro

H-ton Junior Nick DiPietro Focuses on Science Interests

Huntington High School junior Nick DiPietro

January 25 , 2021

Nick DiPietro is one of Huntington High School’s top science students. The junior is especially interested in zoology, biology and ecology and plans to study the subjects in college in preparation for a career in some aspect of the field.

“The courses that most interest me this year are mainly Advanced Placement Biology and Science Research because I am into biology and zoology as a subject and these two courses deal with biology and research, which I like,” Mr. DiPietro said. “I work with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck for AP Biology and Environmental Club and she is a great teacher to work with. I have worked with all teachers in the Science Research program and have had all positive experiences.

The teenager has been an officer in the high school’s Environmental Club and Debate Club and he’s been a valuable member of Huntington’s Ocean Bowl competitive science team.

The junior is regarded as a friendly and considerate young man. “Luca D’Anna has been one of my closest school friends due to our similar interests,” Mr. DiPietro said. “We have had many classes together and are currently working on the same science research project together.”

An all-around good guy, Mr. DiPietro is fun to have in class and he’s always worked well with his teachers. “Mrs. [Nancy] Goddard was a very good mentor as a teacher when I took her marine ecology course, helping me prepare for the Ocean Bowl and making the class very enjoyable for me as a learner,” the junior said.

A member of Huntington High School’s academic High Honor Roll, Mr. DiPietro has really excelled across all subject areas.

“I’ve been working with Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato since seventh grade due to her being the only Latin teacher in Huntington UFSD,” Mr. DiPietro said. “Given the amount of time we have spent together, all she has taught me and how she has seen me grow, she became one of my most influential teachers.”

What’s Mr. DiPietro’s “best advice” for incoming Huntington freshmen? “You truly want to choose your friends wisely,” he said. “You always want to have friends you can always count on for support and help.”

The teenager is already scoping out college possibilities, investigating schools that meet his academic and career interests and learning everything that he can about each of them.

“Stony Brook has always been a college of interest due to their very good science programs,” Mr. DiPietro said. “My interest lies in zoology, biology and ecology so any school with strong programs around these subjects are schools I want to study at. These programs that I would likely study would lead into environmental and research based jobs, which is what my career interest is.”

With the remainder of his junior year and then a full senior year still ahead of him, Mr. DiPietro is looking forward to many more good days at the high school.

“I feel my experience at Huntington has mostly been good,” Mr. DiPietro said. “I have taken good and fun courses and feel the education here is really preparing me for my next steps.”