Huntington High School freshman Brooke Parks

Brooke Parks a Spectacular Huntington Freshman

Huntington High School freshman Brooke Parks.

February 11, 2021

Brooke Parks is one of Huntington High School’s spectacular freshman and despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes it has ushered in for classroom instruction, clubs, sports and social activities, the teenager is having a great year.

“Some courses that I am interested in include business classes,” Ms. Parks said. “I am excited to learn more about it because I want to study business in college. My teachers this year are great and have been really supportive.”

A talented athlete, Ms. Parks plays field hockey and lacrosse. An administrative assistant with the Class of 2024, the teenager also participates in Huntington High School’s Key Club and Habitat for Humanity chapters. She plays viola and has been accepted into the chamber orchestra. In her free time she also plays piano, guitar and ukulele.

“Some of my closet friends include Sophie Lange, Olivia Polinsky, Jordana Paniccia, Sophia Kaloudis, Reese Rinaldi, Jessica Maixner and Caroline McGreevy,” Ms. Parks said.

The teenager gets along well with her teachers, coaches and club advisors. “All of my teachers are amazing,” Ms. Parks said. “They are really good at communicating with me and have been really great despite the hybrid teaching this year. Coach [Kathy] Wright was very supportive when I was on the JV field hockey team as an eighth grader.”

Ms. Parks is a very hard worker. Respectful, kind and considerate, she is every teacher’s dream student. She’s shining in the high school’s science research program.

“One of the teachers who I will always remember was my first grade teacher, Mrs. [Claudia] Mingin from my time at Flower Hill,” Ms. Parks said. “I remember her being very kind to everyone and she made learning fun.”

The teenager’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Don’t care about what everyone else is doing and be patient with yourself; you might not figure it all out in your first year of high school,” Ms. Parks said. “Don’t procrastinate with the work load. It saves you a lot of unneeded stress.”

Ms. Parks is already interested in Boston College, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University and the University of California, Berkeley. “I want to study finance and financial management services and/or international business/trade/commerce,” she said.

The freshman is enjoying her experience in the district and is excelling. She even qualified for Huntington High School’s High Honor Roll.

“I’m really happy here in Huntington,” Ms. Parks said. “Since we are a close-knit community, I have been able to maintain some long lasting friendships, but it’s also big enough that I’ve also had the ability to form some newer friendships since Finley as well. I’m also glad that Huntington values the arts and athletics, since I love both and I don’t have to choose.”