Southdown presented Star Student Awards during this week's Splash Assembly

Southdown’s Star Students Shine Brightly

Southdown presented Star Student Awards during this week's Splash Assembly

February 5, 2021

Southdown Primary School’s monthly Splash Assembly programs have been held in a virtual format since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold last spring. The sessions seek to inform, educate and inspire as well as honor standout students for their efforts.

One Southdown student is selected monthly from every class in the building for formal recognition at the “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars of the month.

Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin announced the names of each award winner. The virtual assembly was held during the regular school day so that students in school and at home could both view the proceedings simultaneously. Click on this link to view the short film:

December’s award recipients included:

Universal pre-kindergarten: Jaslin Velasquez Umanzor; Kindergarten: Rohan Rahman, Jacob Gomez Morales, Michael Distl, Maria Interiano Cruz; First grade: Justin Banegas Galdamez, Kimberly Vilorio Reyes, Megan McCarthy, Theodore Lewis, Kaelyn Perdomo-Gudiel

Second grade: Sean Purcell, Jayden Clark, Stella Butkovich, Elle Ubriaco

Third grade: Jonah Abraham, Julia Lazilotta, Conor Kuhn

January’s honorees included:

Universal pre-kindergarten: Jefferson Cabrera Alvarez; Kindergarten: Alexa Reyes Reyes, John Elle, Alexia Rejouis, Ashton Kalmar; First grade: Triana Lucero Aguilar Casey Morales Campos, Roman Marquez, Owen Jennings, Hendry Hernandez Murillo; Second grade: Carlos Ulloa Caballero, Carlos Quintanilla Garay, Luis Vigil Campos, Iago Akerman; Third grade: Lia Rotunno, Shane Brightbill, Jr., Angela Mayorga Vicente

Every Splash Assembly has a special focus that highlights an important educational component. During this week’s program teacher Pamela Schwarting discussed the concept of “being patient” and why it’s important in school and throughout a person’s life, regardless of age. Students were given practical examples of how they go about being patient at school and home.

Typically a faculty or staff member is honored during the assembly program, but Mr. Oshrin announced that Southdown’s PTA and its dynamic executive board was this month’s award recipient. The organization is led by Sheena Fallon (president), Devon Perotti (co-vice president), Katie Golden (co-vice president), Tammi Jessie (corresponding secretary), Mary Reilly Halder (recording secretary), Anina Monte Savatta (treasurer) and PTA Council delegates Jenny Monge and Desiree Marquez.

The phrase Splash Assembly is a takeoff on the school’s mascot, which is a dolphin, an aquatic mammal that’s known for flipping around in the water and splashing anyone nearby. Think 1960’s television show Flipper.